Robert Makovich recalls meeting with Karol Wojtyla.  "have overwhelmed"

Robert Makovich At the beginning of the conversation he referred to a joke Kuba WojewódzkiWhich emphasized several times the short stature of his guest. Then the journalist asked the culinary expert about the presence of sports in his life.

Exercise can cause many serious diseases. Sport is of course a competition. When the Greeks were playing sports, they stopped doing martial arts, and they stopped making wars.”

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At some point, a culinary expert They note that nowadays it evokes very intense emotions, and some sports fanatics do not spread mathematical ideas at all.. So called football fans who destroy property during football matches. Robert Makovich noted:

Robert Makovich recalls meeting Karol Wojtyla: I was thrilled

Kuba Wojewódzki asked the guest about the authenticity of the tale that was sitting on Karol Wojtyła’s lap as a child. Robert Makovich confirmed and He noted that he had met the clergyman at a time when he was still a cardinal and not a pope, John Paul II.

“I went to the kindergarten to see the nuns in Krakow. The sister who led our group was very passionate about theatre. I made theater and we acted, for example I played Jean Kante (…) Cardinal Karol Wojtyla attended the premiere ”, then added:

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Robert Makovich visited Cuba and Wujivodzki

Then Robert Makovich spoke about the current situation in the country. He drew attention to the low level of language currently used in public debate. He noted that the problem of the current situation in the country lies, among other things, in precisely in terms of insufficient vocabulary that politicians use at work. Added:

Kuba Wojewódzki asked which dish would Robert Makłowicz compare to Jarosław Kaczyński, PiS president. diplomat said:

“Pierogyi, pork chops. But this is not traditional Polish cuisine. Pork chops are a tradition of the People’s Republic of Poland and that’s the whole problem.” I also know what kind of wine the CEO likes to drink a lot, and what kind of beer! Sweet Kadarka, Bavaria, that’s what I read ”- he added.

“There is nothing wrong with the fact that someone likes dumplings and pork chops (…) On the other hand, it is bad if someone is unwilling to do anything else, if someone believes that this is the only source of revealed knowledge And no need to be curious, for example, to go to Croatia and try the local dumplings, “- he said.

Photo: x-news

Robert Makovich visited Cuba and Wujivodzki

Robert Makovich also confirmed that he appreciates fans who make tattoos with his signature, for exampleAlthough it makes him very awkward at the same time. He added that he is not a fan of tattooing himself. Finally, share a plea to the audience:

“We are part of Europe and you are used to it by going to Erasmus and crossing the open borders. Remember that nothing is given forever– And, concluding, he was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

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