Robert Lewandowski's friend reveals why the sniper wants to leave Bayern Munich

Lewandowski wants to leave, and on the other hand there is enough Oliver Kahn. The chairman categorically ruled out the possibility of selling. Now the big question is: will Bayern really defend themselves? Lewandowski’s best friend, Thomas Zawilak, whom the striker has known since childhood, now tells in detail the reasons why the sniper did not see the future in Munich.

Everyone knows that keeping a player who has no psychological relationship with the club will not bring success, but rather the opposite. Bayern had to prepare for such a scenario and would certainly find a solution that would be good for the club in terms of sport and finance, and would motivate players to play for the club – says Zwick, who handles Lewandowski’s marketing and public relations.

“Given the club’s behavior over the past few months, there is no doubt that Robert is not part of that future.” It is a pity that all this time no one from the club authorities wanted to start a frank conversation. He did not deserve this treatment. Which is why they lost him as a human being – he said.

The atmosphere around Lewandowski poisoned Bayern’s lead towards Erling Haaland, who eventually chose Manchester City. – You have to bear in mind that Robert is especially going through a phase where stability begins to play a role. The children are growing up, they will go to school soon. Zoellick stressed the importance of the family to Robert.


He already knew in high school that he was going to become a coach. Starting working with children, today Dawid Szulczek is the youngest coach at Ekstraklasa and an inspiration to those who connect their future with this profession. The 32-year-old took over as coach of Warta Poznan, when few thought the team would stay in the league. However – with Szulczek on the bench it was a success. In “X-ray” the coach tells how he managed to convince the players and what he pays attention to in his work as a coach.

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