"Robert Lewandowski's behavior was embarrassing."  Crush Captain

Piotr Wołosik: As after every major tournament with the participation of our football team, a septic tank in Qatar also broke after that. However, the “ticket scandal” after Euro 2012, the outrage over low pressure used by Adam Nowachka’s team in the 2018 World Cup farewell match, or the chef’s sending to a press conference during the 2006 World Cup turned out to be innocent. Jokes compared to Monday’s bug eruption. I mean the revelations in the media of the promise of a reward of PLN 30 million To the players and staff of the national team to qualify for the 1/8 World Cup. This money, though virtual, became a bone of contention between the players and coach Czeslaw Michniewicz. It was about the proportions, and the dissatisfied players were led by the captain – Robert Lewandowski.

Radosław Kałużny (ex-midfielder of the Polish national football team, commentator for Przegląd Sportowy Onet): Watching the commotion, I got carried away, although I had been trying to approach the ball without emotions for a long time. Robert Lewandowski’s behavior attracted me. You know, he’s a brilliant footballer and all that, but his behavior off the field was just embarrassing. First, he formulates something about the lack of joy from the game, shooting Czeslaw Micniewicz from behind the corner, and then it turns out that instead of focusing on football and the World Cup, he is arguing with the coach about money.

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