Robert Lewandowski summed up his achievements.  "Not everything has gone perfectly in my career" [WIDEO]

An article dedicated to Robert Lewandowski and his victory in the Golden Boot appeared on the official channel of Bayern Munich. Al-Qutb expressed his feelings about this award and recent achievements.

For the first time in his career, Lewis was awarded a statuette for the top scorer in Europe. He finished last season with an incredible 41 strikes in the Bundesliga. Thanks to this, he broke the record of Gerd Muller and received the Golden Boot.

The rest of the text is below the video

It’s been a great year, a great team. All the successes and awards – you have to dream of big things. You have to work to dream big. You must always be ready. I am very happy and proud. I know that this trophy not only belongs to me, but also to my colleagues. It’s a unique feeling Robert Lewandowski reassured him after receiving the Golden Boot.

It is very important in football that no matter how much you actually win, the most important is how much you can get the first time. I’m a guy who knows how hard it is to work to win the next title. This is why every cup means so much to me. I always try to enjoy it as if I was doing it for the first time in my life – Bayern Munich sniper continued.

Lewandowski also noted that his adventure with the ball wasn’t perfect. In addition to climbing, he also survived avalanches.

In my life, in my career, not everything has gone perfectly. I know full well what it means to have a harder time, tougher games when things just don’t go your way. I know how important it is to stay focused because it’s not easy to stay on top. It’s harder than getting to the top – Below it is the “Lewy” line.

As a role model for some people, I have to prove that no matter where you are from, what country you train from, what stadium you are in, you have to dream about the big things. You have to make dreams come true. added.

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