Robert Lewandowski hasn't talked about Z³ota Pi³ka honestly.  polar football confession

Saturday night Bavaria Monacia They beat Borussia Dortmund 3-2 and scored two goals Robert Lewandowski. and again Break new records. After the match, the captain of the Polish national team gave an interview Matthew BorekViaplay TV commentator. He referred first to the match, and then to the “France Football” referendum.

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Messi is the king of football, PSG with fast marketing. Behind the scenes of the Golden Ball

Every goal against Borussia is unique in a way, because I spent four years in it. Lots of feelings left. Although in Bayern I’ve played longer. Viable said such goals are especially important when deciding whether to win Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on PVB Fans: It made me excited

He also referred to the hosts’ fans. At Signal Iduna Park – where only 15,000 were accepted on Saturday due to coronavirus restrictions. Fans – Lewandowski listened to the whistles. And when he missed the shot, the fans on the field began chanting loudly: “Messi, Messi, Messi.” Again, because the same thing was screaming before the match. As if they are reminding him maliciously that the Argentine is the best footballer in the world. – I’ve never felt bad feelings from the Borussia fans here. Maybe a little today. But this excited me. So she felt relieved.

BVB fans made fun of Robert Lewandowski. painful

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boric As Lewandowski asked about it The golden ball. Many argued that a Pole should win the “France Football” referendum, but the prize was awarded to Messi. – It was the worst moment in the previous week. I found out the results a week before the party. It was a tough time. It didn’t last for a day or two. Just more. There was sadness, there was no happiness. I felt unsatisfied. If you’re competing with Leo Messi and hear voices saying you’re better, that’s fine. I appreciate it very much, but it’s still hard to accept. This sadness continued even more because I was so close, and at the same time so far – said Lewandowski.

french golden ballUncover the secret of the golden ball. It is known that the voices of those who decided to defeat Lewandowski

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