Robert Kochank responds to '40 for 20' viewers' accusations

Robert Kochanek He is a participant in the program that has been widely commented on on the web “40 for 20”which is broadcast on air TVN7. While living on the Greek island, the ladies competed for two men of different ages. The dancer established a relationship with several participants: Marta, Kinga and Linda. He does not close off his new acquaintances, he is eager to meet new residents in “glamping” and a luxury villa. At first, he was very close to 25-year-old Kinga, who tried to show that she was very keen on creating a relationship with the participant. But her opponents thought she was dishonest and pretended too much. They expressed their concern during the “chaos ceremony”, and over time the 43-year-old became frustrated with the girl.

Robert Kochank responds to ’40 for 20′ viewers’ accusations

The dancer is active on social media and has made it possible to ask questions on Instagram. Viewers wanted to know if Robert Kochanek was still in touch with the people he met on the Greek island. He replied that he was in contact with the participants of the program, because in “40 for 20” he managed to meet many valuable people.

One netizen pointed out that the man should admit he made a mistake by rejecting Kinga. And the dancer replied evasively:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Another question appeared about Kinga. The netizen asked if Robert had molested the girl.

It appeared among the questions answered by the participant in the program Saying that the man is emotionally immature.

Photo: Piotr Andrzejczak / MW Media

Robert Kochanek is on a dating show

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