Tras su salida del UCM, Robert Downey Jr. habla de Iron Man

Being an Iron Man for a decade changed his life. Now, two years later, Robert Downey Jr. opened his mind and shared his experience, pointing out things to come.

It sounds like an old news headline, but it doesn’t. Despite giving up UCM Officially two years ago, Robert Downey Jr.. He did not say openly about what was to come. In addition, the actor expressed the challenge, with the armor that it should be a decade Iron man What is currently on your mind personally and professionally.

After his farewell Wonderful, The artist was in charge Dolittle, Classic resume on specific veterinarian. In addition, he produced the series Sweet tooth, From Netflix, Based on comics by DC.

No matter what he did or planned to do, his participation in ‘La Casa de los Ideas’ marked him. For this reason, he himself decided to look back on such an opportunity. “I did everything I could in that role and now I can do other things. Now, in middle age, you begin to see the last nine, you realize that this is just part of the journey and that things will end. I am lucky and eternally grateful for coming to where I am.

Tony / Iron Man is hard to play and I dug deeper. I have creatively satisfied an incredible 10 years of life. “.

Now, they say the past is about learning and not living, so the star has touched on her future thing as well. “I have the best fans in the world, my goal is to always use my site to share what I find about the world, weather and technology … I have an incredible 10 year career Wonderful It inspired me creatively. I now have more ambition to do things I have never done before. Evolution is importantHe added.

Finally, Icon recognized his desire to no longer be a family man.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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