Robert Charleboys: Rejan Dacharmi "Absolute Genius"

Robert Charleboys had the opportunity to meet some of the best artists of his career, including Leo Ferre to Felix Leclerc and Gilles Vignild, Sergio Leone. “But he’s the absolute genius I met,” the musician says of the late Rajian Touche. Newspaper He spoke with Charleboys a few days before the recording of the concert aired Charleboys Ducharmi.

Robert Charleboys was one of the very few artists who worked closely with the very sensible writer Region Ducharme. In their careers, the two artists have collaborated on about forty songs.

“When I look back on my life, my creative years with him were so much fun,” he says with a smile in his voice.

Over the years, the musician has made it a point of honor to respect the anonymity of his teacher friend. He violated this rule when he was interviewed by the media a few days ago Charleboys Ducharmi.

“I always talked to Regine about booking and dexterity,” he said. I talked about it more today than my whole life (laughs)! “

Harsh criticisms

The recording of the show, which airs on Télé-Québec on September 3, follows the album of the same name, which seemed amazing last June. On the record, the singer included 12 songs written by Toucheme that appeared on various albums almost 40 years ago. Including those not published on disk Arizona.

“I had 5 stars Duty And Journal of Montreal ! Proudly launches Charleboys. Having 5 stars has never happened to me in my life. I was not expecting it when I created this album. “

Charleboys worked on this album in the winter of 2021. This record was produced by Gus Van Gogh and Daniel Lagost. It brings together the faithful musicians of Charleboys: Lacoste, Dominic Lanoy, Steve Cognay and Vincent Rachel.

This is the only nucleus to capture the show directed by Louis-Philippe Eno at Des Arts in an empty space. According to Robert Charleboiss, Claude Larivi, from his label La Tribue, gave him the idea for this capture.

“He told me that we could come up with a plan that really suited Rajen,” Charleboys said. Actors Mary Defoe, Marcel Saborin, Cynthia Wu-Mahiux and Didier Lucian are coming to read the parts. Because what I did with Rajya was not a thousandth part of his work. There were plays, books, movies. He created sculptures. I tell you, he is a complete genius! We are talking about one in a million. Quebec has the best talent. Des Michael Tremble, Luke Flamingon. But here we are actually talking about another planet. “

In CharleboisScope

For now, Robert Charleboys has no plans to do other shows around the work of Rajen Dorschermi. All of the concerts planned this fall are for his project Robert N. Charleboyscope.

“Kovid is on the clock ShowbizSays Charlebois. It’s not me. For now, this is it Charleboys-purpose It is in the air. We can only go to large rooms with it. But one day, if I want to do small places again, I am sure there will be a big place in Rajayan. Because it is so good and it was very well received. “

Double Vaccine, Robert Charlebois admits to worrying about the fourth wave and delta variation.

The 77-year-old artist said, “I’ve always said that the public is the most important thing. At the same time, there’s a space four feet between each person, I can not imagine it.”

“I would never like to have pollution on one of my shows,” he adds. I never wanted anyone to bother about a show. I do not understand it. There is no music in the world worth keeping your health in balance. “

Show Charleboys Ducharmi Delivered on September 3, at 9pm, in Télé-Québec. The album of the same name is also on the market. Show Robert N. Charleboyscope Delivered on 1stThere is And October 2, at the Kojeko Amphitheater in Trois-Rivers, and from December 2 to 4, at the Salle Wilfried-Bellettier at the Place des Arts in Montreal.

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