Robert Carrey is upset with Adrian Costera's comments.  "You stupid"

Robert Carray is clearly angry at the words of the Pole who managed to break the record and finish the race in third place with a time of 189 hours. 55 min 20 sec Robert Carrey had to leave the road prematurely because a wound he had undergone surgery three weeks ago had opened. From the very beginning, Karai was the undisputed leader, in a record time he swam 38 km and biked 1800 km, failed to run 422 km, crossed 65 km and left the road The operation wound was opened due to severe paini- Doctors prevented him from continuing the race for health reasons.

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Adrien Costera He probably doesn’t know About Robert Carrey’s problems And he exaggerated his Iron Man stance 10 times… – I always try to speak honestly about my competition and hope this isn’t misunderstood, but I already knew for a fact that Robert wouldn’t finish the competition during the cycling stage. I’ve seen the style in which he excels in the following episodes and I was sure that I still had a chance to win, and that the most dangerous competitors would be Kenneth Fanthwen and Richard Jung – as Adrian Kostera said in an interview with WP Sportowe Fakty. Now Robert Carey responded.

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