Road difficulties – even on country roads

region. The predictions were confirmed and after a few days of spring the winter halo returned to the Limanowa region. After heavy snowfall, some roads become impassable in places.

For several days now, the meteorological services have been warning about the return of winter – up to 15 cm of snow, ice and strong winds were expected yesterday and today. Meanwhile, the return of winter in the spring took the road workers by surprise.

Drivers reported traffic jams on National Route 28 on the road between Limanowa and Nowy Sącz. Some vehicles are unable to climb steep slopes due to the snow and mud that accumulates on the road.

As our readers have reported, the county road through Stare Rybie-Tarnawa, often used by drivers heading from Limanowa to Krakow, was closed this morning. The delay was caused by ice and snow on the road. The road was opened before 10:00 am. Closed before noon

– The road is white and very slippery because there is ice under it. Cars cannot cross this stretch of road in either direction. We called the road services and heard that they did not know anything, that there was a skid and that there were some problems on the road. We’ve reached the emergency number and hope sandmakers will finally move into the area – he adds.

Our reader reports that traffic can resume on the road before 10:00. This does not mean, however, that all vehicles manage to pass the steep section of road – some drivers are still waiting for the road crews to arrive.

Meteorologists say that snow is expected in the evening hours today, and strong winds may hinder the situation on the roads.

(Update – 10:19)

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