“Last Christmas” by Wham! They are played by radio stations mainly in the months of November and December, when the Christmas season begins. However, this year RMF FM The song aired on the morning of August 19, which was quickly noticed by the audience.

“No, I understand that August 19th and Christmas are approaching, but they already played ‘Last Christmas’ on RMF FM?”. We’re kicking off the holiday season, RMF FM must have had their first ‘Last Christmas’ this year – these entries appeared before 10:00 on Twitter.

RMF FM spokesperson jokes about broadcasting ‘Last Christmas’.

As a spokesperson for the RMF group, Krzysztof Głowiński told us, “We played “Last Christmas” today – it’s our fault and we wanted to apologize for that very muchæ”.

– Our calculations showed that in the winter we broadcast this song very little once, so we brought it back! – added.

The share of RMF FM in terms of listening in May-July 2021 in the 15-75 age group was 29.3%. – The results of the latest wave of Radio Track Kantar Polska research, developed by the portal Compared to the same period of the previous year, the share increased by 0.4 percentage points. percent

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