After the shooting in Riviere-des-Prairie, the Montreal rapper killed three people in connection with a street gang, the conflict between these criminal groups escalates and some begin to make threats of revenge on social networks.

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“We’ll get them, brother. Be quiet,” Rapper McCasso, 29, read in English under the last photo posted on his Instagram application.

Threats of revenge had already spread on social media on Wednesday (excellent comment) while some were happy with the rapper's death (comment below).

Photos from Instagram

Threats of revenge had already spread on social media on Wednesday (excellent comment) while some were happy with the rapper’s death (comment below).

Jerry Wheeler Jean-Baptiste, by his real name, was killed in a shooting in front of a building in Riviere-des-Prairie on Monday.

Jefferson Saila, 29, and Moliere Dantes, 63, also died, and two men, 25 and 45, were injured in the incident, causing trouble for residential area residents.

« [L’heure de la revanche] The pitch will be, “commented one person on another post about the death of the Montreal rapper.

Account of the Dead

Some congratulate their faith for eliminating the “mob in Macau.” Others oppose the Montreal-North Zone 43 mob and keep the death toll between Rivier-des-Prairie’s profit boy $ as a game.

According to a confidential report from the Quebec Criminal Investigation Service, a conflict between these two gangs is ongoing, which was obtained by our Bureau of Investigation.

According to Andre Colinas, who retired from the Montreal Police Department, social networks have become a new battleground for criminal groups.

“They would intimidate each other, make fun of each other and post provocative photos showing their colors – very important to them. Under the photo of someone they died for, they would call for revenge and respect,” he cited as examples.

“Some gangs that do rap use music video or their message to intimidate and provoke,” said Rene-Andre Presbyts, a worker and researcher at the Institute Junes in Trouble.

According to the criminal expert, social networks do not create tensions between different street gangs, but can easily speed them up.

From words to action

« [Les menaces en ligne] Do not provoke well, because the provocation will be carried on the street. It moves from words to deeds, ”Mr Colinas warned.

Experts agree that responding to Monday’s shooting is inevitable because it is the work of criminal gangs. “The rest of the summer will be hot in Montreal.

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