Rita Baga sets out to conquer the planet

Thanks after being known all over the country Canadian drag racingRita Baga now makes the entire planet her playground Drag Race BelgiumThe Quebecer will welcome the industry’s biggest names to the Montreal Pride stage tomorrow night.

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“Things are going well, I’m very happy”, breathes Jean-Francois Guevremont, Rita Baga’s male alter ego.

effect. Because his star now shines brightly, not just in the metropolitan sky. He spoke after getting off the plane that was bringing him from Belgium NewspaperMonday evening.

Jean-Francois Guevremont, apparently kept under wraps by production, can still confirm that he has finished filming the first season. Drag Race Belgium – New European Edition RuPaul’s Drag Race – He’s a pilot now. Release is planned for next year.

“Every day I’m like, “Okay, let’s see if I go through this!” I had a lot of fun working on it, and I can’t wait for people to discover this season,” she says.

Stage and TV

But until then, her Rita Baga can be seen on Crave’s airwaves for a new series starting Sunday Pull me inQuebec is an adaptation of the American form pulling ! With the support of two partners, he will provide a transformation for people who want to mark an important turning point in their lives with each episode.

Want to see Rita Baga in her natural form, on stage? And that’s good, because he’ll be hosting the show tomorrow night Drag superstarsA traditional Montreal Pride parade is back in service after the pandemic saw its last two editions canceled.

Jean-Francois Quermont himself carried this tradition into the heart of the metropolis. Then director of programming at Pride Montreal (he left his position to devote himself fully to Rita Baga’s growing career), he had the idea to bring the biggest stars of the track world together on one stage. An evening of rhinestones and sequins, filled with music and risqué choreography.

The project quickly exceeded the ambitions of its inspiration, welcoming 23,000 visitors to the Parc des Faubourgs each summer. And Jean-Francois Guevremont is hoping to break this attendance record at the Olympic Stadium’s new site, the Esplanade.


And why? Because the 2022 edition is now casting a wider net, welcoming to its stage track stars worthy of the title but not fueled by a drag race engine.

“That’s for sure Drag racing Drag opened a lot of doors for artists. But today, there are more platforms and shows that present these artists, and with this event we had to reflect all the enthusiasm and diversity of our society,” explains Jean-Francois Guevremont.

Therefore, Hercules (Call me mom), Sasha Baga and Petula Klak (Pull me in), Ada Vox (Queen of the universe) and local legend Manny Kylie will be stomping the boards with Sonic Love, Lawrence Chaney, Baithia, Daze and other out-of-this-world Ra’jah O’Hara’s.

►The event Drag superstars Tomorrow evening, it will start at 8pm on the DD Stage at the Esplanade of the Olympic Stadium.

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