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Risen on Steam will get a PL version after years in the update

January 20, 2023, 20:10

Thanks to the free update, Risen will receive a Polish version on Steam, an achievement system and the ability to save the game to the cloud.

Image source: Piranha Bytes / THQ Nordic.


to me Advertising January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) got up It will be released on XOne, PS4 and Switch. This port of the studio’s fourth game Piranha Byte – who will celebrate her fourteenth birthday this year – Very high value, so it’s hard to expect console players to flock to it. What about PC users. This version will receive an update (for free of course).

Initial company announcements THQ North It was suggested that the highlight of this patch would be the implementation of console (panel) support. so far in got up On PC, you can only play with keyboard and mouse. However, it turns out that the publisher is preparing more surprises.

Chief among them seems to be the Polish version of the title, which hasn’t been available on any digital release yet. officially got up Only owners of the boxed version could enjoy the Polish version – the rest had to be content Polish fan.

After over 13 years, Risen will finally have a PL version on Steam - Illustration #1

Source: SteamDB.

Now, four days before the premiere got up on XOne, PS4 and Switch, in Steam database There is an entry reporting that the Polish translation has been added (See screenshot above). It is not yet available in the game – it will probably work only on Tuesday, after the patch is released. Well, better late than never.

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But that’s not all – 2 days ago got up received Also achievements on Steam (there are 50 of them). Interestingly, it’s also not new per se, because since launch, the production has had an internal system of achievements that can be viewed on one of the tabs in the menu (see screen below).

After over 13 years, Risen will finally have a PL version on Steam - Illustration #2

Not only in Polish, but also in the game.Credit: Risen/Piranha Bytes/THQ Nordic.

In addition, thanks to this update, it will be possible to save the game to the cloud. You can expect all of the listed features to be added to the release as well got up Available on GOG.

As a reminder, I’d like to add that the versions of the title intended for the PS4 and XOne consoles will be compatible with the PS5 and XSX/S.

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