"Revolution": Cindy, Rahmane and Johar win the final

Announced and did it on the first show. Cindy, Rahmane and Johar returned to the “revolution” to win, in their last two issues on Sunday night, proving that they deserved the $ 100,000 grand prize.

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If they never doubted their determination to win this third season of “Revolution”, they believe that all three dancers had some very difficult moments during the adventure. “We had a plan from the beginning and we focused on this goal,” Rahmane explained over the phone from Malta, where he joins Johar in the creation of Circuit to Soleil.

It was a challenge for all three dancers to emerge in different dance forms. “We were really impressed with each other,” Rahmane explained. We are three dancers of different ages, styles and appearances, we used this combination to promote our numbers, but deliver a message. But in this creative work, everyone had an opinion. “We collaborated by stimulating research, while at the same time making our three universes common,” Johor continued.

The motivation of the trio was gradually renewed. “Each of us has overcome the situation we lost in the previous season,” Rahmane said. It gave us hope for the final because we knew we were talented. Johar lost at this final point, but Cindy and I wanted to give him back everything he had given us before so we could surpass ourselves. The final match was really the moment we expressed ourselves the most. ”

As for Cindy, who works in Montreal, we are always strong for others than ourselves. “The final is a way to support Johor, who failed at that point in the first season, and surpass us. We were behind him and we wanted to win for him.

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While their artistic and technical superiority was beyond doubt, Johor was harder to overcome than any other finalist. “It was hard because I’ve been there before, the first time I did not finish as I wanted, he analyzed. .I was very excited, but Cindy and Rahmane supported me a lot and we won.

If three of them feel very strong, it is because each of them brings their strength to the group. According to Rahman, “Everyone has a strength compared to others. Johar is more in the direction, Cindy is stronger in dance research, I am more in development and urban. We had so many ideas, we had to choose the right one every time.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “We are dancers, doing this for art above all else. We are not doing this work for money. For the price, we are still thinking about using this money. There are many things we want to do and in particular

Take care of us. We worked hard, suffered injuries, our bodies were subjected to hard work, and we will definitely use some of that money to repair and take care of ourselves. Decisions will be made when the two return from Malta in mid-December.

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The finale of “Revolution” is always a very celebratory event, where we allow all styles of dance to be evidenced by numbers with excellent sorting. This Sunday is no exception. The opening number of the music for “Pump Up the Jam” was seen by all the participants in this third season’s parade, on Team White’s Modley dance set.

The four finalists followed each other for the first part of this final. Willow proposed a more romantic dance than before, but was more concise. “We know we’re not the best dancers in the world, but we have an unparalleled bond,” William declared.

The masters admired their aesthetic sense, their technique and their numerous ideological creativity.

Yanik and Eleana later expressed themselves very creatively with a number inspired by cinema. The moment of the revolution caused them a lot of anxiety during the rehearsal, and during the filming they were successful for the first time. Lydia praised their musical talent and their childish side, which is very pleasing.

Tommy chose to do a song that he danced to himself, but it didn’t do what he brought up in the semifinals. The duo were keen to emphasize the fact that initially some thought he would come this far. Lydia advised him to plan a tour of the censors because he was definitely a talented dancer.

Finally, Cindy, Rahmane and Johar put on an exceptional performance around a light cube. The moment of their revolution was up to number, wonderful.

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Cindy, Rahmane and Johar scored 97 points (48 for performance and 49 for revolution), and Willow, 94 (48 and 46) qualified for the finals. Yanik and Eleana scored 90 points and Tommy 89 points.

In Stromay’s song “Babautai”, about twenty dancers finally proposed an extract from the show “Revolution on Tour”, which begins again next winter.

For the final 45 seconds of the season, Willow and the trio provided moments of grace. Every movement was concise, masterful, meaningful, and moving. At this level of quality and accuracy, making decisions between them is certainly not easy for masters.

In the evening, T. The Acos team received a $ 5,000 scholarship for Talent and Evolution, as well as a Break City All-Stars Scholarship for Best Revolutionary Moment of the Year.

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