May 29, 2023


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Review a tip? Hand discomfort

Guy Nandal and tipping, we can say that it makes two, but beware, he is far from saying that employees should not be paid at their fair value. Instead, the comedian believes that the displayed price should include all expenses, including staff salaries.

“I’ve always hated the tipping policy,” he said into Sophie Durocher’s microphone via QUB radio.

It was Danny Turcotte’s formal exit that had Sophie Durocher and Guy Nandel reacting the most. Mr. Thurgott asked his Twitter followers if they had a problem charging an 18% tip when paying the bill.

The former Parti Québécois leadership candidate cited a visit to a bakery as an example. Given his own inventory, he was asked for a tip at checkout.

“You’re paying triple for a service you’re not getting,” he lamented.

We can say that raising the comedian’s eyebrows is the whole concept of tipping. Also, in this weekly meeting, he parallels a pizza delivery man and another furniture store owner. Let’s say the debate is open.

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