Reuters: The Pentagon has stopped approving new F-35 fighters

Reuters, citing its sources, said the Pentagon has stopped approving new F-35 fighters. The reasons are doubts about whether the Chinese component in one of the engine parts meets the legal requirements for importing parts from abroad.

According to Reuters, orders have been issued to halt approval of new aircraft in recent days. The reason is that the organizers need to determine whether they are coming or not China The metal alloy from which the magnets used in the motor pump are made complies with the regulations for importing parts from abroad.

As the agency notes, this part does not constitute any of the sensitive systems, and there are also other magnets from China on board that have been approved by officials.

American F-35 fighters. Illustrative image Twitter / @Lithuanian_MoD

Most Wanted Export Goods

chief official pentagonal Military Procurement Director William LaPlante said Wednesday that the F-35 is among the defense industry’s most sought-after exports. United States of AmericaIts production is advancing at a rapid pace.

As shown FinlandThe order for 60 fighters was approved in February 2022, and will receive them two years later. He added that he “does not know if the Finns are ready for this.”

Poland has ordered 32 F-35s in 2020, the first deliveries will take place in 2024. The same last generation multi-role fighters have also ordered, among others Germany, Switzerland, BelgiumCanada and Greece.

Main image source: Twitter / @Lithuanian_MoD

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