Returning to a criticism often made by Survivor Quebec’s wiki visitors

Vicky is the new eviction Surviving Quebec. She left on Sunday, much to her surprise. His allies made him feel safe, but it was only better to get him out.

I got a chance to talk to her the day after she left.

She talks about how difficult it was for her to go through this unique experience in the Philippines, where she first left her children to comfort them. ” Hunger isn’t so bad when no one is eating. We’re all in the same boat, no smell of barbecue, no temptation, but no pillow, you go back and forth from one side to the other, you ask what time it is, you see it’s still dark, you go back to bed, it was so hard. “.

On the other hand, when she talks about her favorite moment in the adventure, Vicky tells us this: ” Patrice greeted us during the first challenge. I cried. I was emotional when my scarf was handed to me. It was very emotional. »

Tears were plentiful at this time, and it cannot be said that the public received them well. We talked about it here.

Here’s what Wiki has to say about visitor reviews. ” I notice a lot of comments on social networks: “Let’s see, it cries well!” Yeah, but you’re seeing Suvivor for the first time, and we’ve been watching the show for 15-20 years, hoping to play there one day. Yes, it is normal for us to feel emotional. Also, when you don’t eat, you don’t sleep well, you’re away from home, you have to strategize with strangers, and of course when producers ask you questions to know how you feel, that’s normal. for you to cry »

She adds an important element: It’s a beautiful emotion, and it’s beautiful to watch on TV. It seems to be viewed negatively, but laughing, working, crying, are all equally valid emotions. »

It is also in our culture “, she continues. ” A lot of our TV shows are drama. We are very emotional. There, it seems [ça passe moins]. We are a nation for this kind of business. We kiss and hug when we see each other, it’s very cultural. When we see it in public, we are ashamed of it. Let’s live our passions and be proud of them! We couldn’t agree more with her!

Recall that the medical team intervened on a player for the first time during a challenge on Sunday. More details here.

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