Return to previous incarnations.  Joaquin Camara’s theory

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Among the researchers who deal with life after life, such as Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Kepler-Ross, and Michael Newton, there is Joaquin Camara, who uses the technique of life between life and past-life regression (Terapia de Vidas Pasadas) as part of spiritual psychology. treatment. Here is his theory on past life regression therapy:

Past-Life Regression (Terapia de Vidas Pasadas in Spanish, we’ll use the abbreviation RPŻ – ed.) based on the idea of ​​our true selves remaining after physical death. When we leave physically, our essence still lives in the spiritual realm, reincarnating again and again in a physical body and returning to Earth. .

The different physical lives we have lived affect our present life. Therefore, there are psychological, emotional or relationship problems that have arisen and developed in another life and we are now facing them again to overcome them and be able to develop further.

One of the principal investigators for RPŻ is psychiatrist Brian Weiss, former director of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and now chief emeritus of the division of psychiatry. As Weiss asserts, although he was very interested in solving the mental problems of his patients, he never dealt with topics such as reincarnation. During his sessions, he often used retrograde hypnosis, a popular tool in psychotherapy to get rid of trauma and emotions from childhood and adolescence. During one session, the patient, under the influence of hypnotic overtones, began to recall a story from another time, with what seemed to be a different life. Brian Weiss was surprised by this, but continued to examine a patient who described his past life in detail. The patient’s symptoms began to subside, which was not the case with conventional psychotherapy, so Dr. Weiss began to deepen this type of intervention in new patients, with very encouraging results in improving the emotional state and progression of patients’ lives.

As a result of many years of psychotherapy, Weiss organized the process to be followed so that psychotherapists could develop RPŻ with their clients. He has published several books about his experiences, including “Many Lives, Many Teachers” and “Letters of the Wise Men” which became world bestsellers. Thanks to his patients, Brian Weiss claimed that he could delve into the functioning of the spiritual world, the process of reincarnation and the basics of physical life. Here are some of the sayings Weiss heard from his patients during hypnosis and collected in his books:

  • “Our job is to learn. Knowledge allows us to rest.”
  • “Once we learn, we go back to teaching and helping others.”
  • “We often go back with the same people, but in different roles.”
  • “The reward is not doing things, but doing them without expecting anything in return, and doing a good deed altruistically.”
  • “Karma means balance. Everything must be in balance. Nature is balanced.”
  • “When we don’t need reincarnation, when we’ve learned everything, learned our lessons and paid off our debts, we have a choice. We can voluntarily return to Earth to help or stay on the other side and help from there.”

One of the tools I use in spiritual psychotherapy is RPŻ, based on the processes studied by Dr. Brian Weiss, which allows us to delve deeper into the problems the client is currently experiencing that are not resolved by conventional psychotherapy.

One of my recent cases is an example. She was a 31-year-old economist who reported a strong feeling of loneliness that had been with her throughout her life. Despite a large family and a healthy relationship, this feeling did not go away. After carefully assessing the condition during the first session, we started RPŻ during the second session. After entering regression hypnosis, the woman began living as a farmer in the countryside in the United States in the early 1900s. After carefully describing the area and the type of farm and animals she encountered, she said her husband had abandoned her and was completely alone. She felt a deep sense of sadness and loneliness similar to what she experienced in her current life. Thanks to RPŻ, we were able to delve into this fact and see how it can be addressed.

In many cases, the psychological and emotional problems we are going through can be resolved through traditional psychotherapy that I also use. However, as you can see, there are problems that go beyond our present life, are recurring, and do not have a definite temporal explanation. In such cases, this type of intervention can help. In addition to its psychological benefits, this psychotherapy helps us understand life in a broader vision that goes beyond the purely physical level and brings us closer to our true reality.”


Joaquin Camara, author of a blog about life after life. He wrote the book “Una vida infinita” (“Infinite Life”), which has been translated into Polish, in which he explains in detail his theories about the journeys of the soul and the meaning of our earthly life. Joaquín Cámara, as part of spiritual psychotherapy, uses the technique of Life Between Lives and Past Life Regression (Terapia de Vidas Pasadas), which allows him, as he claims, to describe not only past incarnations, but also survival of plans. astral.

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