Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.  A disappointment, but not for the players.  reconsidering

  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is a reboot of the popular 1998 PC game series.
  • The film shows locations known to fans and heroes of the “Resident Evil” series.
  • Fast movement and accumulation of threads make heroes one-dimensional
  • Don’t leave cinemas right away, because “Welcome to Raccon City” has a so-called after-credits scene.
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Resident Evil is one of the most popular video games in the world. No wonder it was filmed so quickly. Nearly a decade ago, director Paul W. S. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich came up with a franchise they would enjoy over the next 14 years. Although the film attendance was arranged, fans of the series were more and more offended. The director turned the legendary horror world into a flashy husk, which has little in common with the prototype. Matrix-like shoots, highly advanced technology, and banishment of terror into the background meant that the atmosphere viewers loved was lost somewhere along the way. So, after the saga ended in 2016, Sony studio announced that it had begun work on reviving the “Resident Evil” world and would approach the topic completely differently.

In the end we got the “Welcome to Raccoon City” effects. And you have to admit to the producers that they did everything to make the fans of the series happy in the end. In the film we will find not only many well-known locations from the first and second parts of the games, but also beloved heroes. This is a real appreciation for the players.

The new version of “Resident Evil” focuses on rescued siblings who were separated when they were children. Adult Claire returns to Raccoon City after many years to find her brother and prove that the conspiracy theories she has devoted her entire life to are true. Chris is a policeman and has been ordered to go to the Spencer Villa in the nearby Arclay Mountains to find the missing STARS Bravo Team unit. Then we also meet the guys of the young man, such as Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Barry Burton. It turns out that there is a secret laboratory under the ownership, which was the main base of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella a moment before that. The problem was that the company was not only engaged in the production of drugs, but also experimented with humans and viruses. One of them, unfortunately, got into the water in the raccoon and infected the inhabitants of a small town, turning them into bloodthirsty zombies.

Director Johannes Roberts draws a handful from the original script. Unfortunately, when he’s happy with references to games, he sometimes forgets that movies have their own rules. The number of plots and characters means we don’t really get to know any of them very well. Other characters die quickly before we can love them. And the biggest flaw is that the story of Lisa Trevor has been relegated to the background. Players know very well that the story of the kidnapped girl is very dark and interesting. Thanks to her, the film will get a really great background. Unfortunately, Trevor is just a terrifying geek. The “Resident Evil” maniacs know well that one of the most interesting plot points of the horror film was also the creation of the Umbrella company and the meeting with its founders. Thanks to this, the whole story has become more complex and the characters are multidimensional. Without this background, viewers receive an action-packed scarecrow.

Photo: press material

Kaya Scodelario and Robbie Amell in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

The biggest problem with “Welcome to Raccoon City” is also the special effects. Unfortunately, the budget flaws are obvious from the start and some monsters look really artificial. Fortunately, the creators seem to know this well, which is why old CGI only hurts for a few moments. It’s a pity that it hasn’t been thought of before, because it stands to reason that the work of computer designers will be crucial to creating a world where zombies and biotech monsters play a leading role.

Unlike the Anderson productions, where the technology was at a high level, in Welcome to Raccoon City we get solutions that look really realistic. Instead of an AI, we got a cut scene in which Claire explains to her brother what an “online” chat is. The PDA and pager seem to be the pinnacle of modern technology, because, according to the original, the action takes place in 1998, when mobile devices were just launched and video calls seemed unreal.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is not a bad movie, but it seems that it will please only fans of the series, who will add a lot of them to each other. If the police station or Spencer’s villa didn’t impress someone, the movie theater would be far from cheerful. When Anderson created a worldwide production for audiences, Roberts made a movie that was a huge homage to Resident Evil geeks. And if he gets the right amount of bucks, he can wait for it to continue, because in Marvel style, “after the credits” we are given an additional appetite-stimulating scene, so that it continues…


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