Reptile man.  What if dinosaurs did not become extinct?

65 million years ago, a meteorite hit the Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. But what would have happened if it hadn’t happened? In the 1980s, it was hypothesized that they could evolve similarly to mammals, leading to the formation of human-like reptiles.

Troodon may have been one of the smartest dinosaurs. In 1982, Canadian paleontologist Dale Russell published a thought experiment about a creature that could be the result of its further evolution. It’s about the human-like reptiles he named dinosaur. You can also meet the term Troodon Sapiens, That is, the rational troodon.

Russell invited sculptor Ron Seguin to work with him. Both masters worked to construct the hypothetical appearance of a human-like bloodline trodon. According to their concept, these creatures were moving on two legs in an upright position. In addition, they will have three fingers on each hand, One is partially contradictory.

In this concept dinosaur He had exceptionally large eyes, a well-developed skull and a reduced visceral skull. Interestingly, the human-like reptile loses its tail and teeth. Furthermore, he was supposed to be a boy – Seguin model showing the navel.

dinosaur models and troodon
Image source: © Press materials | Canadian Museum of Nature

dinosaur models and troodon

According to Al-Kindi, millions of years of evolution will allow dinosaurs to create a civilization and develop advanced technologies. Other paleontologists think so The human reptile model is highly anthropomorphic.

Russell’s post encouraged discussion. One concept was that human-like reptiles would become the dominant species on Earth, which might make it It was not possible for Homo sapiens to appear on him. Another argued that dinosaurs would live alongside humans – in harmony with them or wage war with them.

This concept has never faded away. Although the years have passed, we are eager to wonder what would happen if. A possible history of the evolution of dinosaurs in our time is presented in the documentary “Horizon: My Favorite Dinosaur”.

It was popular in the fourth part Jurassic Park (jurassic world) Hybrids of humans and dinosaurs appeared. In the end, these creatures did not appear in the movie. However, models and conceptual arts were created to show human dinosaurs.

A few years before the premiere jurassic world An alleged part of the scenario was leaked from which it emerged that hybrids were to be developed with the goal of creating the perfect soldier. In the final version of the film, hybrid species appeared, but two types of dinosaurs were crossed there.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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