Remnants of a spacecraft on Mars.  The drone took exceptional photos

Unfortunately, the discovered remains are not traces of the presence on Mars of representatives of an alien civilization. Drone ingenuity Accidentally Space ship Built by a human hand that bumped into us last year. The drone and rover were safely delivered to the surface of Mars on board.

A few weeks ago, operators March mission 2020, analyzed satellite images of the surface of the Red Planet. They noticed interesting things on them. At the same time, the rover itself took pictures of strange structures hundreds of meters away from it. Scientists were almost 100% sure that they were components of NASA’s craft.

Therefore, they instructed the Ingeniuta drone to fly to the observed artifact and take pictures of it from a bird’s eye view. The drone has successfully reached its destination and we are now seeing the implications of its mission. Well, as NASA scientists themselves admitted, the drone was made one of The most beautiful pictures in the history of space exploration.

We can see the capsule and parachutes from the Mars 2020 mission. The capsule itself is shaped like it Flying saucers that belong to alien civilizations. If there are intelligent life forms on Mars, then information about the crash of a spacecraft will certainly appear in their media.

The capsule itself was badly damaged. This is the effect of hitting the surface at a speed of 126 km/h. The bottom line is that she did her part to protect herself Perseverance rover and dexterity drone. Scientists admitted that the canopy was also surprisingly durable. It is visible in the pictures in one piece. Also, 80 lines connecting the canopy to the cover of the rover were not broken. This indicates that NASA’s inventions are of high quality.

The probe and the drone will soon begin the most important part of their mission together, which is the search Sedimentary delta at Jezero crater. This is where the water tank was once located, and where various forms of life thrive. The robot will collect more samples there, which will be flown back to Earth in the 1930s and examined carefully in laboratories. Then we must discover the most important secrets that this wonderful planet hides.

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