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“Redzi is on the offensive lately, they want to repair their reputation with The Witcher

“Redzi is on the offensive lately, they want to repair their reputation with The Witcher

October 30, 2022, 10:55 am

A lot has happened recently at Camp Redów. After a brief period of relative peace, the Warsaw Company boldly talks about its plans for the future once again, and its most respected brand, such as The Witcher, is on the candlestick.

After the image crisis at the beginning of 2020 and 2021, I was convinced that CD Projekt Red would completely change its communication strategy and, simply put, be underwater for a long time. The first moves seemed to confirm it, because shortly after the first show Cyberpunk 2077 movie The transfer of information from the developer camp was limited to the necessary minimum. The company wanted to create the impression that it was focused on improving the game, at the same time working on its first expansion, and postponed big plans to conquer the world until later. In 2022, the situation completely changed. More or less March, we’re seeing a constant fest of bold ads, and it turns out it’s theirs the magician. This is not the end, as we will likely see soon.

Playing the “state” card in the process of repairing reputation is quite understandable. this is Wild Hunt It is the game on which “Redzi” built his international standing and is what players today associate with best. In a few weeks, this flame will revive again thanks to the improved version of “The Three”Meanwhile, every fan of the universe was able to discover that not only the next main part of this series (presumably a trilogy in the long run) was created, but also smaller projects. One of them, which has been known since Wednesday, will be a remake of the first game in the series. Once again, a smart move for the audience, because for several years the updated version of “One” has been at the top of the fan’s wish list, and certainly in Poland, where it is better known. It can be offset at most by the third addition to the “three”.

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Personally, I am happy with this turn of events. I’d love to know the developers’ plans, even the long-term ones, because it’s clear to me that we’ll see the recently announced projects in a few years at the earliest. Potential investors also love to know, because Let’s not forget that CD Projekt Red is listed on the Polish Stock Exchange And after the unprecedented boom in the industry’s shares in December 2020, its share price has never even returned to half the record levels. I have no illusions that the latest communications attack is meant to improve ratings in both groups. However, in the first case, there is a struggle for opinion, in the second – for money.

In all of this, I fear only one thing – whether Redsey will stand up to such bold statements. Yes, external partners will help them again, a good example is the remake the magician, but the main projects will be drawn mainly by people associated with the Warsaw studio, or at least this should be the case until the teams are built or expanded overseas. Ubisoft, which employs more than 20,000 people, today has a big problem of regularly releasing several big titles annually, and what comes out requires constant improvement. I hope this is all well thought out and that Redsey proves that they are the Prime Minister Cyberpunk 2077 movie It was just a simple stumbleThis will never happen again. However, I recommend caution in this optimism, because ambitious visions are always verified by the bottom line, and as such they can be different.

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