This is going to be a busy time Dwayne JohnsonWhich will appear in several series of films. Producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia, with whom “The Rock” worked several times (HerculesAnd the Baywatch. Sunny PatrolAnd the Rampage: unbridled rage), in an interview with Collider, they revealed at what stage of the work are the individual projects in which the famous actor will appear.

As we can find out, work on a draft script for the two sequels red note about to finish. I remember this is the action movie they also starred in Gal Gadot And the Ryan ReynoldsIt is the most popular English-language production on Netflix (364 million hours). Streamer immediately ordered two more parts to be shot at once. Flynn detection:

Well, we have a script for red note 2 And almost to the third part. The plan is that with any luck, if Hiram and I do our best, we’ll shoot these movies simultaneously. But it’s all about the texts and what we think of them and what Dwayne, Gal and Ryan think. This franchise has been a huge hit and of course Netflix really wants it, and Rawson really wants it [Marshall Thurber] He is involved.

The creator added that it was for the director and screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber This film is very important and will soon submit a draft of the script.

Photo: Netflix

The interview also asked about the progress of the other sequels in which Johnson will appear. Flynn made it clear that they wanted it so badly Jungle Journey 2 It was created because of the amazing bond they formed in the movie with each other “The Rock” and Emily Blunt.

Their chemistry was great in the first movie and now I know they know these characters from a very intimate side. I have a feeling these two will make sure of it Jungle Journey 2 It will appear in some time.

Photo: Disney

Fans should also look forward to the third installment Jumanji. Garcia explained:

Jumanji 3 It will certainly arise. Of course, Jake Kasdan directed by red one [nadchodzący świąteczny film z Johnsonem]So I’m working on it now. We talk a lot about Jumanji. We already have great ideas for what we’re going to do in the next video. So after talking to Jake, I know when it’s over red one, it will be the next priority for him. This is something we definitely want to do.

Photo: press material

At the moment, Dwayne Johnson is promoting the upcoming movie black AdamWhich will be shown in theaters on October 21. He also plans to appear in the kingAnd the San Andreas 2And the Doc Savage And the Big problem in little China.

Black Adam – Pictures & Stickers

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