realme GT 2 Pro will appear in three different versions!

Realme GT 2 Pro will arrive in the market in three versions. In addition to the basic model, two additional variants will also be released. We got acquainted with the official appearance of one of them. How will the different realme GT 2 Pro variants differ?

We know the official release date of realme GT 2 Pro. It turns out we’re not really talking about one, but three smartphones!

What models does realme prepare for us and how will they differ?

Three versions of realme GT 2 Pro

At first we all thought so The graphic below shows the look of realme GT 2 Pro:

One of the realme GT 2 Pro versions / photos: OnLeaks & 91mobiles

Admittedly, the realme smartphone is unlike any other model released in recent years. Of course, there have been very similar projects in the past, so there is no doubt about the distinct originality. However, this phone can be described as Excellence I it’s interesting.

Our view of the world has been shattered for a moment by the graphics made available by realme itself today when announcing the Realme GT 2 Series premiere:

Realme GT2 Pro Master Edition

One of the variants / photos of realme GT 2 Pro by the manufacturer

There is something wrong here, right? Most people assumed that this is what the Realme GT 2 Pro is supposed to look like, and the previous image was fake. The reality turns out to be more complicated

What variants of the realme flagship will we get?

Explained by the reliable leaker OnLeaks, who is responsible for the premiere of the realme GT 2 Pro. It turns out that Realme GT 2 Pro will hit the market in more than one version!

In the first pictures above we can see realme GT 2 Pro Camera Edition. It is not yet clear if this is her official name. The point is simply that this model is supposed to be the best photo smartphone in the series.

Most likely, realme GT 2 Pro CE will offer a triple camera. Will include the main unit 50 Megapixel z OIS I 50MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens with 150° Field of View. third Network Most likely it will be used to measure depth; Telephoto lens less and less likely.

The second artwork appears for it Realme GT2 Pro Master Edition. It is not completely known whether he will be the only person to receive innovative biological materials. It must be admitted, however, that the front rear looks really nice. I would like to add that this model was presented in the photos by Italian Vogue which speaks for itself.

On top of all this, the standard Realme GT 2 Pro will also run. Perhaps the least distinctive, but the cheapest. Maybe he’s hiding under the name Realme RMX3310 appeared on TENAA. However, I cannot confirm that here and now.

We recommend:

we’ve got! Here is the official release date of realme GT 2 Pro with some cool tech


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