April 2, 2023


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RealMadryt.pl is looking for a programmer!  |  RealMadryt.pl

RealMadryt.pl is looking for a programmer! | RealMadryt.pl

It’s been some time since the premiere of RealMadryt.pl 2.0, and the list of ideas for improvements or completely new functionality (consistently supported by your suggestions – for which we thank you very much!) is actually getting longer. Like you, we would like the website to be developed at a much faster pace than before. After many years of basically adapting to our strength, we came to the conclusion that this development formula has already run out. We need an extra pair of capable hands to work.

Before we start looking for a programmer in the broad market, we would like to try to hire someone from our community: someone who visits the site and is willing to actively participate in its development. The person who successfully passes the recruitment process will join our permanent team and, after the transition period, will take care of most of the technology issues. Therefore, we are looking for a person for whom RealMadryt.pl will be the main profession, and not just “after hours”. For the same reason, we are not interested in working with software companies at the moment.

This offer is for you if:

  • You would like to join the RealMadryt.pl team and work on developing our site
  • I worked as a developer before 1-2 years at least (You have experience working in a team, know good practices, know what code review is)
  • You are driven by the possibility of encountering pressing technical issues (heavy traffic with sudden peak periods, caching, and cloud technologies)
  • You want to develop one website and pamper it for a long time (we’re not a software company, you won’t jump between small projects)
  • You are drawn to the prospect of receiving direct feedback from a large and committed community
  • Want to be free to organize your time (100% telecommuting, no 9-17 work requirements; we are flexible, provided we agree on clear terms of cooperation)
  • You can communicate well and you value transparency
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This offer is not for you if:

  • You are already heavily involved in another big project (we are not looking for an ‘after hours’ person, at least in the initial period we will need your 100% commitment)
  • Want to change designs and/or techniques frequently
  • Love working on a larger development team
  • You want to pursue a career in a company
  • You can’t manage your time, you want to put things off until later
  • Financial reward is the main criterion for you (we are not sponsored by PSG, you will definitely find companies in the market that pay better than us)

We are looking for someone who knows web technologies (complete web developer):

  • PHP (Symfony, Doctrine)
  • MySQL
  • Frontend (Webpack, React)
  • Welcome to know:
    • Metering, caching and performance optimization techniques
    • Redis
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • DevOps (Docker and GitLab CI) Issues

Required profile is 50% front end, 40% backend and 10% DevOps (including cloud)

If you meet most of the requirements, please contact us [email protected] and sent:

  • CV (with required GDPR format)
  • A short list of your strengths
  • Links to GitHub and/or completed projects
  • Declared availability (full-time or part-time? From when can you be hired?)
  • Preferred form of employment
  • Approximate expected gross salary

We will respond to all requests.