February 1, 2023


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Real Madrid’s big problems. The decisive 6 minutes Benzema. The new leader of football

That was the 83rd minute of the match. And the guests from Madrid, who have performed poorly so far, were saved twice by Belgian Thibaut Courtois, a corner kick. Then Valladolid defender Joaquín Fernandez behaved badly in the penalty area and played with his hands. Judgment after analysis VAR He was awarded a penalty. Karim Benzema, returning to the game after injury, may have used it. Even before the goal, the hosts lost one player. Sergio Leone received a red card for showing something to the technical referee.

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Great comeback from Benzema. Two French goals

Six minutes later, the hosts’ favourites, led by Jose Rojo Martin “Bacheta”, finished off the former coach Corona Kelsey. A wonderful individual work on the left flank by the vice-champion, Eduardo Camavinga, was introduced in the 69th minute. The Frenchman entered the penalty area and made a wonderful pass for Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid striker doubled the lead with a confident shot from eight metres.

This was Benzema’s seventh goal of the season. Thanks to this, he was promoted to the fourth place among the most effective. However, he missed as many as six goals to captain Robert Lewandowski.

Real Madrid after this win 38 points, another one of F.C.BBut also one Toy played more. Xavi team on Saturday at the time. 14 will play at Camp Nou with Espanyol.

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