Reacher - Trailer for the series.  He replaced Tom Cruise as the tough guy

Wasel is a series produced for Amazon Prime Video based on the book series by Lee Child. Season one 8 episodes. We’ll see in the title role Alana RitchsonWho is the next actor? Tommy Crozey Play Jack Reacher.

Reacher – Trailer

With the launch of the trailer, the viewing date has been announced Richera. The series will premiere February 4, 2022 On Amazon Prime Video.

Jack Reacher – What is the theme of the series?

The first season recreates the events of the first volume of the series, titled The Level of Death. The description, according to Albatros Publishing House, was as follows: death level It tells how Jack Reacher decided to spend the weekend in the quiet town of Margreave, where the murder was committed for the first time in many years. Immediately suspicion fell on a stranger in the city.

The cast also includes Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Hugh Thompson, Maria Steen, Harvey Gillen, Kristen Crook, Corey Graham, Mark Bendavid, Willie C. Carpenter, Maxwell Jenkins and Bruce McGill.

It is in the controls Nick Santora, which is famous for creating chains like Sentenced to death I Scorpio.

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