Raul Romero: He talked about his return to television

Reject his return Peruvian television. Through a message on his Instagram account, the singer and TV presenter Raul Romero He denied rumors that he was returning to the iconic screen.

With a sense of humor, Raul Romero He begins his message with confidence. Following the voice of a fan, he says: “Oh, Raul, how nice of you to be back on TV, we’re going to see you …”.

However, immediately, the presenter cuts off this comedic tone and takes on a very serious, but always happy tone and gives us some bad news: “Girls and boys, I have to tell you that I will never go on TV again. I do not plan to return at this time; That is not in my current plans.

What will these plans be? As he himself mentions, they are there to continue and write music. The latter says “the news is coming”. What is the editor preparing? Could it be a book or a script? We hope this news comes soon.

Finally, he thanks all the people who were moved to see him return: “Your affection, your encouragement, I thank you so much. Remember their wonderful times when we lived together … I love them so much ”.

He called it “war.”

Although he has received numerous proposals to withdraw Peruvian television, Raul Romero He has always been focused on his music career, shifting his priorities to returning to the small screen.

However, a mysterious promotional video aired on the production of “Esto S. Guevara”, where the voice of the leader of Noskian and Nosquandos was heard, delighting his followers.

The video not only surprised the hosts of the youth reality show, but also set the alarm for those longing for the popular “Bean Face” to return to television, even on social networks. Gian Piero Diaz for the next season of “This Is War”.

Neustros Podcasts

I understood that note

The successor to EER 3×19 is the best thing you see on TV today (we’ll tell you why)

We can not leave time without talking about this great series. We put in 27 minutes without the spoilers (you guess you haven’t seen it yet to check it out) and then we go with all the details. It was released two seasons, the third a few weeks ago, so if you enjoyed it as much as we did, you will be inspired by this good conversation.

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