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In mid-2021, the Mexican media announced it He began a relationship with actress Margarita Vega, the same relationship that the protagonists of this story soon confirmed. Today, artists are one of the most beloved couples in the country.

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Love between This has caught the attention of many, especially with the age difference (20 years for Arisa), which is no problem in creating a strong and beautiful relationship between the Mexican actor and Vega. But how did they meet? Here are some details of this love story.

The love story of Raul Araiza and Margarita Vega

They met “today”.

According to Mexican media reports, the model and actress first met Raul Arica approximately five years ago, when Vega was a guest on the show “Hoi”.

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Margarita Vega is a 35-year-old Colombian actress and model 20 years younger than Raul Arica (Photo: Instagram)

In July 2021, the actor confirmed his love affair with the Colombian, and three months later officially ended his emotional relationship with psychologist Maria Amelia Aguilar.

First date

A few months ago, the Colombian actress admitted it after crossing the first line “Today”, The Mexican sent her a congratulatory message, and a month later he asked her out. In addition, she described what her first date was like and what impressed her about the television presenter.

“I loved him physically, but he’s a gentleman, attentive, polite and normal. I love Rowley, I’m fascinated by him, he’s a wonderful man; I like his eyes, his smile, his good sense of humor, and as a man, I’m impressed with how the parrot bends over me … it’s amazing and fascinating! “, Noted the Colombian.

Age difference

The age difference caused some controversy in Mexico because when they started dating, ‘El Negro’ Arisa 56 and Margarita 36Even if the driver completes one more year on November 14th. Of course, these details are not diminished, they show their love for the four winds. In fact, Raoul is proud to have found what she wanted. “Margarita is something I was really looking for”, Admitted in an interview with Reforma newspaper.

Adopting their daughters

According to various media reports, the relationship between Vega and Araiza has the approval of the presenter’s daughters. “Although I do not need your approval, you accepted the relationship well”, He promised.

“They take care of me so much, they’re so happy in this relationship. They look at me happily. They tell me I’m dancing and jumping … I think kids care when someone is fine.”Mexican joined.

However, despite being accepted, the host pointed out in a new interview with TVyNovelas that he does not believe his daughters have a relationship with Margarita Vega. “There is no such coexistence, I do not think it exists”Araisa said, “Because my daughters are already too old to do their own thing, they’re already lazy.”.

On the other hand, in the same interview, the Mexican admitted that the Colombian was already living with his mother-in-law: “At my house, my mother (Norma Herrera) already ate with ‘Mara’, and she became a big girl to her, and she said to me: ‘What a nice girl! She’s old-fashioned.'”.

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Raul Araiza and Margarita Vega dance on a video shared on their social networks (Photo: Margarita Vega / Instagram)
Raul Araiza and Margarita Vega dance on a video shared on their social networks (Photo: Margarita Vega / Instagram)

Who is Margarita Vega?

Margarita Vega was born in Colombia but lives in Mexico City. She is 35 years old, 20 years younger than Raoul Arica, who describes her as “a beautiful woman” and gives her a lot of peace. He loves exercises and travel.

His profession

Throughout her career, Margarita Vega has starred in well-known productions such as “Sin Cenos No He Paraso” on Telemundo; “My heart is yours”, “Rich children, poor parents” and his most recent role was “What’s wrong with my family?”, Where, in the production of Juan Osorio, he played the role of the doctor “Pamela Perez”.

Thousands of followers

Margarita Vega is also a TV presenter and has 30,000 followers on Instagram, where she admits she loves the gym career and travels. One of his fans is “El Negro Arisa”, with whom he sends public messages.

On the morning show of Telemundo Hoy Thea, Margarita on several occasions commented on the latest news about the world of entertainment.

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