Rakw and Lech, after reaching the group stage, go shopping.  Impressive Picnon Plans

polishing Cup players are one step away from advancing to the group stage of the European Conference League. Why Poznan Last week they beat Dudelange Luxembourg 2-0, a raku After very good match Slavia defeated Prague 2:1.

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Will Lech Pozna and Raków Częstochowa recruit more players before the group stage?

Lech Pozna and Raków Częstochowa both provided some solid reinforcements during the summer transfers. Despite this, the authorities of both teams do not rule out further transfers. In the event of promotion to the group stage of the European Conference League, the Polish champion and vice-champion are planning to recruit a few of the most valuable players.

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It is possible that Raków Częstochowa will again arrive for reinforcements from Górnik Zabrze. newly Bartosh Nowak is brought to Jasna Gora. as Janekx89’s info Marek Babson He will want to recruit left swing, midfielder and striker. Rako’s coach was present in the last league match between Guernick and Legia and watched the Zabrze players.

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In turn, Lech Pozna, before the rematch with Dudelange, made another offer to Damien Kądzior. An offer to buy a Polish column for 800,000 euros was received in Gliwice. According to information from Sebastian Staszewski, the agent and player were scheduled to appear at the club’s headquarters and hold talks regarding this offer.

“Lech Pozna made another offer for Damian Kądzior. This time on the table… €800,000?? That’s what Piast Gliwice wanted three weeks ago. Will the offer be accepted? Hard to say. Agent” – told Staszewski on Wednesday.

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According to Jankax89, it is possible that Lech will once again make a proposal to Michał Helik. Although it looked like that This topic fell a few days agoIt wouldn’t be surprising if Lech resumed his efforts to obtain it.

The return matches with the participation of Polish teams will take place on Thursday 25 August. Raków will play Slavia at 19:00, and Lech from Dudelange at 20:30.

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