Raku is one of the best teams in the ECA.  The problem of exporting Pica Nona in Poland

What connects Rakow Częstochowa and Competitor in the third round of u. From the Association of European Congresses, Spartak Trnava? Both clubs have relatively young and respected coaches in their country. Both coaches have been with their clubs since 2016 and enjoy the confidence of their authorities. For both Marek Babszon and Michao Gasparek, the current business is the number one serious challenge in big football. Of course, 7 years older, because 48-year-old Marek Babszon, his biography is a little richer, but it is associated with clubs from the lower leagues. Interestingly, both men in their respective countries were loosely linked to the position of national team coach through the media. Both are obsessed with tactics, discipline, and work on the opponent. It is nice that Pole was the winner of the duel of Polish-Slovak coaching thought.

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Papszun responds sharply to the soccer player’s agents in Raków. “There is one star” [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #94]

A result that inspires respect

Marek Babson drinks the European cream of what he’s been working on at Raku over the years. He deserves applause for the team that always tries to lead, play and put pressure on the opponent under its own net, often recovering the ball in the opponent’s half, where the path to its goal is shorter. Raków status is usually respected. Whether it’s hot Astana, the challenging terrain of Trnava, artificial or natural turf, eleven or ten, 1-0 or 4-0, Raków players do what they are programmed to do: play their game, press the opponent and dominate. This consistency is respectable. This was also the case at Trnava, especially during the first hour of the match. in the end match Rako, who led 2-0, lowered the tone a bit, but Babszon kept some important players off the field (Leedermann, Doviak and then Gotkowskis, or the sensational Lopez, who scored twice). However, the Czestochowa people were still dangerous in their counterattack and at this most difficult time for them they also had many aiming opportunities, and all Game They ended up with more shots on goal than the home team.

Raków and Lech before a chance. LKE is a great place to improve your ranking

It is noteworthy that Spartak is a strong team. In the previous season, in addition to the Vice-State Championship, she also won the National Cup, just like Raku. Anyway, in league It is distinguished by the fact that he also tries to stay on the ball, dominate and put pressure on the opponent, which was sometimes visible in the confrontation with Raków. In the second round, el. LKE Spartak beat Wells Newtown twice, including 4:1 at home. Let us remind you that the Slovaks also eliminated Legia in the second round of elections 4 years ago. Champions League. Now Raków is on his way to end the European adventure of Slovaks in beautiful fashion.

Raków is one of the best players in LKE, but even more terrifying…Slavia

The current European campaign against cancer in Europe can be impressive. First of all, Poland now owes mainly to Rakow the fact that it scored points in the national rating more than three and four seasons, in the years when Polish clubs could not reach the group stage of the European Cups. In the current version, with a set of three wins, Raków has contributed to this ranking with more points than any other Polish team. Let’s add that, in theory, it was possible to score more points, for example, Lech, who played in the qualifying rounds of the first round. However, the players from Poznan have only 2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses and They will have to recoup the losses with the Vikingur in return.

Secondly, as counted and posted by fans on Twitter, Raków is one of the best Polish debutants in the history of European Cups, after the first 8 matches, and alongside Legia, he has the highest winning percentage in these matches.

Third, Raków in el. To LKE clearly shines among all the teams. If we look at the rivalry from the second round (Raku did not have to play in the first), it turns out that Chistokhova is the third best team in terms of points and balance of goals. Three wins and 8-0 goals is impressive and the only team to score more goals is Kosovar Balkany, who scored 10 goals in the second round against the Faroe Islands team and… Slavia Braga who defeated 11-0 on aggregate in Previous round opponent from Gibraltar. Then Raku scored six goals in the tournament with the strong Astaną, recent participant Champions League or the European League.

New Rapid Vienna StadiumA decade ago they had a worse league than Poland, until they jumped to a different level. Lycia has a problem

Slavia, besides Raku, is the only one among the most goal-scoring teams that have not lost a goal in this competition so far. The taste of the whole story was added by the fact that it was the vice-champion of the Czech Republic who could be Czestochowa’s opponent in the fourth and decisive round of el. LKE. On Thursday, Slavia won the first match of the third round with Panathinaikos of Athens, just like Raku, 2:0.

Will we soon face a competition between Polish and Czech coaching ideas?

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