Radwaska defeats Wimbledon.  Will there be a big comeback?  Tennis "wild card" in the locker room

After the last work of Thursday’s match Agnieszka Radwańska And Jeleny Janković with Casey Dellacqua and Alicja Molik, fans gave the former tennis players a standing ovation and that was no compliment. There were many fun and long exchanges, and the retired players roamed the entire stadium. Molik effectively threw herself onto the lawn, but didn’t do much – she and her partner lost 2:6, 2:6. However, the result can be confusing – the Polish-Serbian duo had to tire a lot, and during the exchanges, you could hear a moan Both parts of the effort.

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Agnieszka Radwańska was looking at the next court, and there Iga Świątek. “Quadruple Packing”

Fifth gear and fun to play

She was the most tired of the four Jankovi?. The 37-year-old made more mistakes at first, although her efforts are undeniable. As soon as I broke the ball after a long movement, I grabbed her head. In another similar situation, she eloquently released the racket from her hand, and Radwiska bent over her gasping friend. However, in the middle of the second set, both of them switched to fifth gear, and after an exchange of turns, after characteristic play, they scored points.

I must say that Jelena is doing better and better in every game. Today she was playing very well. She was much better at moving around and hitting the ball. She herself said that she played much better than in the first match – she praised the Polish partner.

Radwańska’s second win at Wimbledon Legends. go like a storm

Unbeaten at the moment – they beat Italy Flavia Pennetta and Francesca Cavione on Tuesday 6:4, 6:3 and are very close to reaching the coveted final. There were less effective measures in the opening session than the duel with the Australians.

We play better and better from one match to the next. In general, this match was much better, despite the presence of completely different opponents. It wasn’t as easy as the result might suggest. We have a lot of fun with her. We can remember times of real competition – Radwańska adds and that joy can be seen with her every step of the way on the London courts.

During the competition, Janković also takes care of a good atmosphere. On Thursday, Serbka often commented on individual actions, while jokingly complaining. She caused laughter from both the players and the fans sitting near the stadium, whose words she heard.

– She ran as many times as one and was short of breath. Count our time twice. This is a serious game, but you can also joke about it. Jelena wanted to have breaks during the games, because at one point she ran a lot. And when it comes to physical preparation, she’s probably in slightly worse shape than me, so how is she? runsThen you get a little problem. But she quickly got back into the game and was gone – the Polish woman benefits.

In the toilet they shouted “Wild Card”

During one of the breaks between matches, a citizen sitting in the stands told someone on the phone that he had been in the final for Wimbledon in 2012. He and the others were pleasantly surprised by the level of 33-year-old Radwajska, who retired from the sport nearly four years ago. . After the first match, she was brought back to professional competition and was the same after the second.

– In the locker room, the girls shouted “Wild Card” – the former deputy leader of the world ranking admitted with a smile.

A group of Polish journalists asked her if – to see how well she is doing in London now – she would not like to perform in doubles at the invitation of the organizers, for example in her favorite Wimbledon or in games.

– It’s so tempting. At the Olympics, I’ll have someone to play with, and no need to hide. It will only be necessary Iga your lips Ask him what he thinks of it – Radwańska said with a smile. – However, as far as I know, he’s probably in Paris fight Around medals It will roll on the flour, so I guess I won’t be convinced. In addition, there is still some time until the Olympics – analyzes the former tennis player, who never liked to play on clay courts.

Eager for fun guesswork, Radwanska has a clear reservation – her return to professional play isn’t threatened by her so-called aura. – It’s all about training and traveling all year round. So what I ran away from and what I don’t miss at all. Even the doubles team is unable to lure me back – the former tennis player dashes the fans’ hopes.

In the final match of the group stage, he and Jankovi? will play Slovakian Daniela Hantuchova and Britain’s Laura Robson.

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