Radoslaw Sikorski, EU Commissioner?  “Donald Tusk got scared.”

Marcin Figolek mentioned in “Gravity” that the name of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, came in the context of holding one of the highest positions in the European Union. But Donald Tusk said on Monday that I would not want Sikorsky to leave the government because he is a very good secretary of state.

– When it came to filling positions, I was a bit amused, as if by magic Radoslaw Sikorski’s candidacy vanished into thin air. The politician said that he was supposed to be Commissioner and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Defense, adding that – in his opinion – “Donald Tusk was afraid that Radoslaw Sikorski would outgrow him, and he would want to run for president.” elections.”

Sikorsky himself said in response: “I do not aspire to the position of Defense Commissar and I am not going anywhere.”

Radoslav Vogiel: Perhaps the migration agreement will enter into force

Before the weekend, a German police car appeared at the border crossing ossinov dolny, It is possible that local police left many migrants in Poland. The problem is that the authorities did not inform, and everything happened outside the procedure – said the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration.

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– What happened is unacceptable. We will see if the Prime Minister and the Polish government are able to respond better than tweeting posts. Perhaps a memorandum should be sent to the German ambassador here, not just an announcement of the conversation, Radoslaw Vogel said. He concluded, “I cannot believe that Tusk will have a difficult conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (on this matter).”

Radoslav Vogel: The Germans started sending us illegal immigrants

Radoslav Vogel recalled that at last week’s meeting of the House of Representatives, at the request of the PiS Club, an item on the migration agreement was put forward. Deputy Minister of the Interior responsible for immigration affairs, He allegedly accused the MPs of complicity. We said that German police data indicated that several thousand immigrants were sent to Poland, and they did not necessarily come from Poland. Tusk’s government minister denied this. He added: “I don’t think he had no information, because three days later it became clear that this was happening.”

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This means either the government “has no control over anything” or “the migration agreement is quietly coming into force,” Vogel said. -Donald Tusk He repeats lies About hundreds of thousands of hasty decisions on visas (during the PiS government, the so-called visa scandal – ed.), and on the other hand, the Germans began to send us illegal immigrants – as the PiS MP predicted.

PiS mutiny in Małopolska. “The clock is ticking”

The conversation also touched on a problematic topic – the Regional Assembly of Lesser Poland, in which PiS has a majority. On Monday, they tried again – for the second time – to elect a field marshal. – This is democracy in action, the struggle of opinions. I hope this will end soon and that Lukasz Kmita, the proposed person, will be elected. He said there was a deadline, and the clock was ticking.

The broadcaster stated that if it was not possible to elect a Marshal in July, new elections would be announced in Malopolska. He also questioned whether President Jaroslaw Kaczynski was unable to influence his politicians to vote for the proposed candidate. – He expects decisions to be respected, but he is not an authoritarian leader. It gives our colleagues time to reach an agreement. Of course, if this fails, there are several legal solutions that apply, Vogel explained.

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Marcin Figolek also raised the topic of Jarosław Kaczyński in a completely different context than the political one. Well, he celebrates his birthday on June 18. How does he spend it? – He was president for many years – because it is also the memory of his saint. My brother – he is being commemorated this year in Wawel – for example

When asked about other activities that day, Vogel said: Kaczynski is sure to be happy with the books. – He always says that he didn’t have enough time to read it as much as he wanted to. Surely the best gift would be an end to the actions of this current incompetent government – concluded guest Marcin Figolek.

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