Rachel Gradon became a mother for the second time

I recently met at the premiere of Line Charlebois’ movie Tell me why these things are so beautifulIn it she plays the role of Rita Simart, the friend of Marcel Gouvreau (Mylene Mackay), Rachel Gradon She recently announced to us that she became a mother for the second time. “I just had a baby. I had a little girl named Françoise. Levi, his six-year-old son, now has a little sister. “I will start shooting for a yet-to-be-announced series in August and I have another directorial project. I have a three-month-old baby, so I write her on my side. My children live with a mother who does all kinds of things and is never short of love. I was treated to very accommodating producers. I want to say it’s normal, but I want to emphasize that people allowed me to experience motherhood the way I wanted, and it’s important to say that it can be done. You have the right to enjoy motherhood without working. How dare we say we want to work,” says the actress, who is part of the show. Over a centuryIt has two shows, at TNM (June 29) and at the National Arts Center in Ottawa (September 7).

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