• Although there are a lot of films in Polish cinema, only some of them contain dialogues dating back to history
  • To this day, a number of products are mentioned by quotes that have gained cult status
  • This does not mean that we can always match a quote to an actor or character from a particular movie
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Even if we are not cinema experts, this In the history of Polish cinematography, there are images, characters, actors and quotes that you simply need to know.Darkness, I can see darkness“,”I don’t have these numbers, Brunner“,”What will I buy for this? Cotton balls?!You can switch endlessly between quotes, each of which evokes appropriate associations, but above all memories. Phrases of famous films have become part of our daily conversations, albeit Many years after its appearance, the connection with the person speaking the phrases may have faded from memory. And the We might be wrong and some famous bits of dialogue have become so timeless that you’ll always be able to literally recognize them? In addition, what is the actor or hero who uttered them? We decided to check it out and set up a game we hadn’t played before. We point out three quotes that you should know well. Your task is to choose the person who said these words. It’s simple, isn’t it? So there is no point in waiting. It’s time to start the unique test!

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Quotes from Polish films [QUIZ]