Quotations from “By Fire and Sword”.  Point to who said that

“I didn’t know my courage,” cries one of the most colorful characters in the “trilogy,” that is….

Onufriy Zagloba
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After the appearance of Khmelnytsky’s troops near Zbaraj, who says, “We have guests, gentlemen”?

Jeremy Vishniowitzky
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“Mr. Skrzetoski give me a husband and save me from Bohun” – so I prayed…

Helena Corsiwichana
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“Farewell, fellow soldier! Don’t you know that you saved someone” – these words he said during his first meeting with Skrzetowski…

Bohdan Chmielnicki
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“So we killed Bogon,” he boasts, completely unjustly…

Onufriy Zagloba
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“If I did not love you,” complained the unloved man, “I would be as free as the wind in the field and as famous as Khmelnytsky himself.”

“There is wealth, and in the waist there is strength, and there are no three heads as before” – this is what he said about his dream…

Longinus podpipinna
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“Don’t spill the wine, sir,” he asks politely but menacingly.

Michel Skrzytowski
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“With apologies, gentlemen, I am not a peasant, but a gentleman. Although I am poor,” he emphasized many times…

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“Monsieur Michel, my horse surrenders!” So he asked for help…

Onofri Zagloba
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