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When Mateusz Kochta-Robinson showed an exceptional club after a header from Igor Shasky in the last game of the match and drowned in the arms of his teammates from Chuzhnickzanka, it became very likely that Wiswa Krakow would end September as the worst team of the month in the first league.

No, that’s impossible, not that bad, we ourselves rub our eyes in amazement. This is a kind of aberration. Or simply sneeze in misery so as not to utter difficult words. The Whites did not win their fifth consecutive league game. In fact, in my last seven elite backroom matches, I’ve lost five times. Recently, Sandecja has scored just as badly, but let’s be clear: Where is Rome, where is Crimea, where is Krakow, and where is Nowy Sącz?

Chojniczanka – Wisla Krakow 1-0. White Star Retreat

Time to sound the horn, time to sound the alarm, because this team is not going well. A relatively successful start to the first season in League One after a disastrous relegation from Ekstraklasa has dull the vigil of critics. People complained that the victories were a bit lucky, the technique wasn’t very effective, there were no fireworks, but the points were dropping, and Jerzy Przyczyk sent a simple message to the skeptical nation of the Vistula: We’re still alive here. Thus, he extinguished the fiery mood around the club and created the space for a relatively quiet building for something more solid and solid than ecstasy after a temporary boom.

This, however, is already in the past. Not far, because it is not far, but still the past. Wisla Kraków, League One, always lacks strength and momentum – just as in July, however, the tight defense was convincing and something always fell in the attack, so something stopped in August, and in September there wasn’t much work.

When Bartosiak and Grolik became completely stupid and cut short a philosophical discussion entitled “We don’t know what to talk about and what to do, so we will lose the ball,” Angel Rodado stood face to face with Kochta and could show his sniper skills, throwing the ball into the legs of the well -goalkeeper Chuzhnikzanka. When Boris Moltenis managed to rein in the chubby Patrick Tosinski, he got on his knee and got a penalty, which was turned into a goal by the immortal Thomas Mikołajczak (more than a decade ago he desperately hoped for Lech Poznan, today he is a prominent figure in the history of Chojniczanka the talk).

Chojniczanka – Wisla Krakow 1-0. cook a hero

A bit of lopsided construction with the ‘when’ we use to visualize and soften it during this match two things happened that might not have happened a month and a half ago, when the White Star was still doing well, he didn’t waste hundreds and didn’t miss stupid goals. At the same time, what’s mine, you have to offer to Kuchta, who defended even another attempt by Rodado, Fernandez’s stinging free throw, Cisse’s central shot and, above all, the aforementioned Łasicki’s header. He earned the title of champion, because overall Chojniczanka was Wisła Kraków’s weak point. Occasionally, she shifted the weight of the game towards Bieganski’s goal, and since she scored, she has mainly focused on winning time and upsetting her opponents. And she was lucky because the guests had no idea about themselves. Because they didn’t, and that’s it. He was ripping Huggie, waving Fernandez’s hand, Doda was spinning the wheels, a kind of liveliness brought up by the introduction of a pasha and a few young men, but it had no arrangement and composition.

Things are bad in Wisla Krakow.

And this may just be the beginning of bigger problems, because when he doesn’t go to the playing field, he starts to boil in offices, and when he starts to boil in offices…

Chojniczanka 1-0 Wisla Krakow

Mikołajczak 50′ from the penalty kick

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