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And Two famous Colombian actors have been able to achieve internationalization in recent years, thanks to their leading roles in “La Reina del Flow”, where they played Yimi Montoya and Juan Camilo Mesa (Juanzo), respectively. This allowed them to have a greater number of followers on social networks who knew their daily lives.

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That is normal today Maintain a close relationship with their followers, no doubt, thanks to networks, how they usually share their work and conduct their personal lives; It is a form of gratitude for the recognition they have given. On the other hand, some fans want to go the extra mile and get personal greetings from their idols.

There are many ways to get greetings from a star, the most used is the stage , Hundreds of celebrities from different countries of the world are clamoring to make extra money. Ramírez and Sandoval are both members of this website, so there is a fee for submitting a video to a fan who wants exclusive content. How much is the cast fee?

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Carolina Ramirez and Andres Sandoval as Yaimi and Juanzo in “La Raina del Flow” (Photo: Carragol TV)

How much does Carolina Rameres charge for a personalized greeting?

If a user wants to receive personalized greetings “”, As seen on the Famosos website, pays 244,871 pesos per video.

According to the website, once the person pays, the special video will be delivered within a week.

How much does Andres Sandoval charge for personalized greetings?

When, , He charges almost half of his co-workers from the Karagol television production. If you want to get a special greeting from the actor, his price is 122,435 pesos, he says .

Likewise, the greeting will be delivered within a week of being delivered.

It is worth noting that the site in question allows celebrities to receive a monthly subscription to view unpublished content; However, neither Ramirez nor Sandoval have this option in their profiles.

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Andres Sandoval as Juan Camilo in one of the episodes "Queen of the flow" (Photo: Karakal TV)
Andres Sandoval as Juan Camilo in one of the episodes of “La Raina del Flow” (Photo: Caracoll TV)

Who is Carolina Ramares?

Carolina Ramirez Quintero was born on June 20, 1983, in Galle, Valle del Caca (Colombia). She is currently best known for her performances in the dance world, especially in ballet.

Due to his immense talent for acting, he was able to work on one of the most watched children’s shows in his country in 2002. He also played Leela, one of the main characters in “Awake Jack”. It was a reality show on Saturdays and Sundays.

In 2004, she was invited to participate in the “Septima Puerta” telenovela aired on the Caracol TV channel. There he played Jenny Candela.

Who is Andres Sandoval?

Andrés Sandoval was born on November 18, 1981 in Medellin, Colombia. He is recognized for participating in productions such as “Rosario Tijeras”, “Tres Milagros”, “Corazones blindados” and “La reina del flow”.

The actor has participated in many successful series and soap operas. He is currently in a romantic relationship with fellow actress Katie Osorio, who has two children, Maria Emilia and Francesco.

Sandoval represented Colombia at the Cannes Film Festival with his short film “Zmartwychwstanie” (“Resurrection”, in Spanish). During this time the translator has shown his talents as a director and screenwriter through some of his short films.

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