Queen Elizabeth II should have relied on medical advice

(London) Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has accepted her doctors’ advice to “reluctantly” rest for a few days, forcing her to cancel a visit to Northern Ireland, Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday.

“The queen reluctantly accepted a medical opinion and insisted on resting for the next few days,” the palace said in a brief statement.

“Her Majesty is in a good mood. She’s disappointed that she can no longer go to Northern Ireland, where she is going to take part in a series of engagements,” he added on Wednesday and Thursday, adding that she could “go there in the future.”

According to the British news agency PA, Elizabeth II is resting at Windsor Castle near London, where she spent a series of incarcerations, and her condition has not been linked to the corona virus. She was vaccinated against Govt-19.

Its participation in COP26, a major UN climate conference starting in Glasgow (Scotland) in early November, is not currently in question, the PA said.

Sovereignty holds the record for the longest life on the British throne, which he adopted in 1952 almost 70 years ago.

Despite speculation about her withdrawal after the death of her husband Philip in April, she recently took part in several public events.

He reappeared Tuesday at a reception attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and entrepreneurs in Windsor. In good shape, she shook hands and chatted with guests.

Last week I was able to see her walking in public with a cane, which has been around since 2004. It was not in the reception on Tuesday.

Tuesday, British Press Oldy Noting that the Queen had refused the gift he would give to an older person each year: “We think his greatness is the age we can feel, so they do not intend to meet the criteria they accept”, the letter of denial.

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