Queen Camilla is blasting Brigitte Macron after the first lady’s latest royal blunder

Memories of 80th anniversary of the landing Normandy was an opportunity to bring together many heads of state. Among existing personalities? the king Charles III and his wife Rani Camila A participant in the Franco-British ceremony at the Ver-sur-Mer memorial in Calvados. Obviously, the president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigid Played as hosts. But a royal faux pas was made. As the two women – both dressed in white – laid a wreath at the base of the monument, Brigitte Macron tried to take Camilla’s hand as a sign of friendship. The latter kept her hand by her side, except for wiping her away. Brigitte put herself in her place (in every sense of the word). An awkward moment.

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Photo credit: Abaka Press Queen Camilla cheated on Brigitte Macron?

Our First Lady had already made a similar mistake to the Queen last September, during the royal couple’s first official visit to France (Neo). And “bad”. After shaking his hand, she blew him a kiss. shocked In 2009, we will still remember the First Lady Michelle Obama The Queen broke the rule by daring to put her hand behind Elizabeth II’s back – and she’s not too upset about it.

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