Quebec is exploding everywhere

Valerie Plante had a great idea to save Montreal.

Yes, yes, you read that right! I’m going to write a positive article about the mayor of Montreal!

Madame Plante looked up from her desk, where the first boards of her next comic lay, and she looked out over the city and said to herself: “But what can I do with such a hole?”

Then she got a flash of lightning.

“I’m going to court filmmakers in Los Angeles so they can come and shoot their next films here!”

Apocalypse now

The idea is brilliant.

In fact, what has been the trendiest subject in cinema for 10 years?

Disaster. The end of the world.

Now, where is the best place to shoot these kinds of movies (besides warring countries)? Montreal!

No digital imaging or card embellishments required. Everything is here. In fact.

All you have to do is plant your camera and that’s it.

Want broken streets? We have some!

Climbed businesses? We have some!

The facades of houses covered in graffiti? We have some!

We even have zombies wandering the sinister alleyways.

Previously, Montreal served as a setting for films set in Paris in the 1940s.

Now the ideal place for anticipatory films. Show what happens when society explodes.

A mess of ruins

I laugh, but rarely.

All our infrastructures are crumbling. In Montreal, but also elsewhere in Quebec.

Several Montreal metro stations require urgent maintenance. Many schools are dilapidated. Half of Quebec’s roads are in poor condition. The Olympic Stadium needs to be completely renovated. According to the Auditor General, two-thirds of CEGEP real estate is deteriorating at an exponential rate.

Not forgetting the French which is going yâble.

In the 1960s, we gave ourselves a beautiful, brand new state. Sixty years later, Quebec falls. Not only are the buildings getting cracked, but the government is also finding it difficult to meet the needs of the citizens.

“It’s the beginning of a new era!” That’s when we sang.

Like the baby boomers, Quebec caught fire in the late 1960s.

It goes out Small fire Now.

One by one, the builders of modern Quebec are falling. We are going to spend our time arranging state funerals.

Where is the next generation?

Where are the big projects?

Which program has received the most praise in recent years? Who made us most proud? The one who finally made it feel like something was happening? Who cheered all Quebecers regardless of our camp?

Medical assistance in dying.

It has been a huge success in recent years.

Not improving our position, no.

Leave without suffering.

Avoid slow pain.

This says a lot about the state of mental health of Quebecers.

It’s like a science fiction movie green sun, with Charlton Heston. Remember: everything is falling apart, everything is going to hell, and only euthanasia centers work, where people are allowed to get away with looking at pictures of what the earth used to be like.

Before the collapse.

Remember this movie from 1973?

In 2022.


This weekend, the three parties (CAQ, PLC and QS) are holding their national conference. What are they going to cook?

Strategies to get to the polls and win the next elections.

This is probably the reason why PQ has wind in its sails. Dare to think big.

Yes, I know, sovereignty is an old dream.

But who knows? Maybe it’s the spark that lets us burn again.

Freedom is for us, not for them

It’s even more ironic…

Far-left activists who say that campuses should not be cleared of encampments under the pretext that institutions of higher learning are places of debate are those who insist on the abolition of culture!

They want to remove books from libraries, cancel conferences and prevent teachers from teaching!

Now that their freedom of expression is threatened, do they tear off their shirts and present themselves as victims?

Very funny!

Red carpet for multinationals

Do you remember when Quebec’s economic growth helped SMEs?

Today, Quebec’s economic policy seems almost entirely foreign-focused. We promise everything to attract foreign multinationals to us.

We are subsidizing them in crores! We’re rolling out the red carpet for them! We allow environmental rules to be broken! We sell electricity at low prices!

In the meantime, the government says to buy local products and take cold showers.

Four star hospitals

Minister Dubé says he appointed Hoteles Germain’s Christian Germain as chairman of the board of directors of Sainte-Québec because he wants hospital patients to feel as good as if they were in a hotel.

That’s all well and good, but before we turn hospitals into four-star hotels, should we allow all Quebecers access to a family doctor? And scan on time?

Let’s start with that and then dream, shall we?

The color of the walls, the disgusting food – now, these are the details…

Personally, I don’t want a Lamborghini. A chauffeured Lada. That would be a good start.

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