Estimates of the cost and schedule of the Quebec 21 light rail project “Fake newsThe Quebec mayor was unleashed on Wednesday.

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Quebec 21 explained that this was based on a study by Sistra, which concludes that the average cost of an underground metro is 100 to 200 million to 200 million per km. On this basis, the party estimated the cost of its tunnel at $ 200 million per km. “We must be sure that there is room for maneuvering,” said leader Jean-Franசois Kozulin.

However, the mayor was attacked for saying “the figures are completely wrong”. For every kilometer of tunnel dug in Quebec costs 358 million, he certified based on data from the Tramway Project Office. “We researched, verified, and cross-examined,” Regis attacked Labyum.

However, the city could not specify which construction method this figure was based on. Quebec 21 wants to use a tunnel boring machine.

Twice the price

According to the mayor, with the associated costs, tromps and rolling stock, Mr. Kozal’s plan would cost twice as much, more than $ 6 billion.

Mr. The Sistra study, cited by Kozal, was based on the cost of similar projects around the world, but the mayor explained that “the real costs are higher in Canada.” The City provided a list of Canadian architectural networks that have experienced costs comparable to those planned in Quebec.


“We are Fake news Total. It really is, there, it’s nano-Trump, it does not mean, “he stressed the mayor who spoke about a” big hoax “, doubting whether the proposed deadline can be respected.

The route proposed by Quebec 21 was “given nothing” to the suburban population, and the unconventional concerns surrounding the construction of the planned 15 underground stations were largely Mr. Mr. Kosala was underestimated. Labyrinth considered, because “a station is built by removing the surface”.

On the other hand, he called on the Legal government to reaffirm its “clear” support for the Tramway project, fearing uncertainty over calls for future projects.

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