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A distinctive feature of qubits is the ability to remain in a state of superposition, which means taking the values ​​0 and 1 at the same time. In practice, thanks to qubits, you can perform many operations at once, which reduces the time required to perform calculations. The period during which qubits can participate in increasingly complex computations is known as correlation time.

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The longer coherence time means you have more time to store your quantum information – exactly what you need when performing quantum operations. Consistency time basically tells you how long you can perform all operations of any algorithm or sequence you want to execute before all the information in your qubits is lost.Explains Amanda Sidhouse

Theoretically, the longer a qubit spins, the greater the chance that the information will be preserved. However, when this movement is stopped, the information can become corrupted. As it turns out, changing the movement of qubits and forcing them to move constantly can lengthen the time to store information. But while controlling millions of qubits with a single antenna was pioneering, this time it needed more: the ability to control the qubits individually so that they could be used in a quantum computer.

Qubits can perform more simultaneous arithmetic operations than ‘normal’ bits

SMART protocol (Sinusoidally modified, always rotating, and tailored) The researchers were able to control the movement of each qubit by swinging it back and forth. After applying an electric field, it was possible to exclude a qubit from the resonance, changing its motion relative to neighboring qubits. Seedhouse compares this to a situation where two children play on a swing and move forward and backward simultaneously. By giving one of them a push, we can get them to reach the end of their arc at opposite ends – one of them will be “0” and the other will be “1”.

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In the quantum world, this translates to the ability to control each qubit individually, while extending the coherence time. In this case, the information was stored for about a millisecond. This is about 100 times longer than previous experiments using the same quantum processor.

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