Quantum electronics with a startling discovery.  This switch is perfect

The foundations for success were laid 13 years ago, when scientists from Great Britain measured the magnetic resistance of molybdenum bronze. As the measurements showed, the resistance of the material showed complex behavior. Transitions from the metallic to the insulating state occurred with changes in temperature, while the magnetic resistance remained simple and constant.

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So there were questions that had to be answered. Many years have passed, and the post was published in Sciences It explains at least some of these unknowns. An important achievement of the authors of recent papers was the identification of the universality of polarization in a one-dimensional metal. This in turn creates the possibility of a smooth transition between insulator and superconductor states.

As observations have shown, when there was no magnetic field, the resistance of molybdenum bronze was shown to depend greatly on the direction in which the electric current was introduced. The dependence of this parameter on temperature was also not fully understood. Importantly, in 2017, Piotr Chudziński suggested that the increase in material resistance may be related to interference between conduction electrons and so-called dark excitons. Additional analyzes confirmed these assumptions.

The switch created by recent developments by scientists at the University of Bristol could improve the operation of quantum devices

While breaking symmetry is nothing unusual in the world of physics, the opposite situation, implementing a scenario in which complexity turns into symmetry, is a completely different pair of shoes. One of the authors of the latest paper, Martin Berbin, decided to analyze 100 crystals with insulating or superconducting properties. As it turned out, the emerging symmetry was responsible for the different fundamental states of the individual crystals.

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But how can this be used in practice? Right now, the main talk is about creating switches in quantum circuits. In the long term, for example, highly efficient and versatile quantum devices could be used. Such an emerging symmetry could therefore be a very effective catalyst in the context of the development of quantum technology. It is no coincidence that scientists talk about a perfect switch that has the potential to lead to a real technological revolution.

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