Pyotr Stramowski in Brave Bed Scenes with a Man

The movie trailer has been released online LureWhich will be next year’s scandal. Piotr Stramowski will appear in very daring sex scenes with a man. Helena Englert also played.

Peter Stramowski And the Katherine Warnke They were one of the most beautiful acting couples in Poland. They met for the first time in 2014 on the casting of the movie into a spiral. They got married in 2016. They had a daughter, Helena, and they seemed to have made a happy family. But they announced some time ago that they are no longer together. A joint statement appeared online:

We regret to inform you that we have jointly decided to part ways. It was a difficult decision, but necessary for each of us to build our lives anew. In the interest of our daughter’s well-being, which is our top priority, we ask that you respect our privacy. At the same time, we would like to inform you that this is our only comment on this matter.

It is now known that even before the divorce was finalized, Pyotr I found a new love. Not only that, a video has hit the net where you can see him in daring bed scenes

Pyotr Stramowski in bed scenes with a man

Movie Lure It is an adaptation of Edita Wolvarska’s book of the same title. The director was Maria Sadowska. The production has been causing quite a controversy for several months now! On the screen we will see Piotr Stramowski, the daughter of Jan Englert – Helena Englert, as well as a celebrity Girls from Dubai Italian actor Andrea Peretti, and in supporting roles Joanna Lisowskaand Peter Joacki and Claudia Eldersi. The journalist will appear for the first time on the glass screen Super Express Adrian Nychnerewicz.

There was already an incentive to go to the movies in Stramowski’s profile.

Think you’ve seen it all? The creators called “The Temptation” a cinematic scandal that will remain in the viewer’s memory for a long time. In the city they say that Maricia Sadowska (“Girls from Dubai”) and Edita Wolowarska (bestselling author) know how to electrify Poland … How it really is, you will find out after the show. Now poster, trailer, and movie in cinemas from January 27, Stramowski wrote.

The actor himself decided to play very daring scenes. Movie Lure Is to show the football environment from the dark side. It will reveal issues of mobbing and sexual assault, and even a rape scene that will be shown on screen. There will also be an erotic triangle in which Piotr Stramowski played with Andrea Preti and Helena Englert. Both actors are very happy with the results.

Filming a sex scene with another man and a woman is different, you get into an intimate relationship with two people – with Piotr it was really good. He is a very good and very professional actor. We did a good job! – He said Super Express Andrea Peretti.

It must be admitted that Stramowski decided to take on a very brave role. Are you going to the cinema?

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