Putin made a decision about Medvedev.  The Russian president will gain more control over the former president  world News

Information about the new position of Dmitry Medvedev appeared on the official website of the Kremlin. The content of the decree signed by Vladimir Putin states that the deputy chairman of the Security Council will now be the new deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Committee of the Russian Federation. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexander Korenkov, also joined the commission.

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Why are the Russians attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine?

Russia. Vladimir Putin changed the position of Dmitry Medvedev

The chairman of the committee is the president Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus, the politician will be the immediate superior of Medvedev, who will have to report to Putin about all the results of the commission and will report directly to him.

The Military-Industrial Committee is a permanent body whose purpose is to regulate state policy in the field of military-industrial security, defense-technical military security and national security.

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Medvedev: Poles hate Russia more than they love Poland

Medvedev wants to establish his own party. You’re supposed to collect radicals

Maybe a decision Russian President Vladimir Putin It has to do with media reports, according to which Medvedev wants to create a party to compete with Putin’s United Russia. Politicians dissatisfied with the decisions of the Russian president regarding the war in Ukraine will gather around Medvedev. Extremists think so put it in He is “very weak” on this issue. The new grouping is supposed to represent very extreme national views.

According to a study conducted by a PR development company, it was the main source of anxiety among the population of Russia in 2022 The war in Ukraine. In the following places, the respondents mentioned other issues related to Russian aggression against the neighboring country – the escalation of the conflict with the West, the possibility of using nuclear weapons, sabotage, the transfer of hostilities to other regions, and military mobilization.

Paul AntoThe body of a Russian politician and oligarch was found outside a hotel in India

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