PS5 Is Better Than Xbox Series X / S – Survey Leaves No Doubt
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December 13, 2021, 2:13 pm

The PlayStation 5 has more fans among gamers than the Xbox Series X/S. This is the result of research conducted by DFC Intelligence. The study yielded interesting results.

It’s no secret that the PlayStation 5 is winning the console war so far and is even better than the Xbox Series X/S. Sony follows the proven track and focuses on exclusive tracks, such as upcoming God of War RagnarokAnd Forbidden horizon west if Gran Turismo 7. Latest study The gaming market confirms the interest of gamers with the latest Sony console.

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company DFC . intelligence He conducted a survey, the results of which showed a significant advantage of the PlayStation 5 over the Xboxes. The survey was conducted in October and November. In addition, it is also showing great interest in the Nintendo Switch.

The survey shows that 54% of people planning to buy a new generation console would definitely not choose the Xbox Series X/S.While in the case of PlayStation 5 on ?? No ?? There were 34% of those asked. When it comes to console options, the percentage of people who choose a Sony product is 42%, compared to 26% for Microsoft devices.

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The keyboards look very similar in terms of performance. So why are there such big differences in player opinions? Sony follows a tried and tested method and mainly focuses on exclusive games. They are the ones driving the console sale. new scenes God of WarAnd horizon I great tourism These are games that millions of players are eagerly awaiting. Xbox doesn’t have such a strong selection of exclusive games?? The last exception is infinite aurawho won not only the console but also won Great success on PC.

Sony has an edge when it comes to exclusive content, while Microsoft has Game PassIt reigns not only on the console, but also on the PC. The service allows PC gamers to play, among other things, to incredible success Forza Horizon 5 or mentioned infinite aura. Perhaps, to some extent, the availability of custom PC games has influenced the decision to purchase Microsoft consoles.

The DFC Intelligence Survey is not a completely reliable study as it was conducted on a very small group of people. Nevertheless, it gives an overview from which interesting conclusions can be drawn.

Gamers Prefer PS5 to Xbox Series X/S - Survey Leaves No Doubt - Illustration #1

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