PS5 and XSX availability issues will continue |  S until 2022. Phil Spencer leaves no illusions

The head of the Xbox brand will not promise that soon every willing player will be able to purchase the latest gaming hardware. Phil Spencer confirmed that hardware availability issues will continue into 2022.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X move | S to more gamers, but we still can’t talk about easy access to the hardware. In some countries, it is very difficult to obtain equipment, the best example of this was the recent US event – Customers were queuing to buy equipment.

During an interview with the editors of The Wrap, Phil Spencer pointed out the problem of the semiconductor shortage and made no secret that the situation would not improve in the coming months. A Microsoft representative emphasized that the inconvenience is more complex and not just about the lack of chips – In today’s realities, bringing the console to market is a very complex process:

“I think it’s probably complicated to talk about it as a chip issue. When I think about what it means to get the parts needed to build a console these days and then ship them to desired markets, there are many kinds of tipping points in the process. I think unfortunately He will accompany us for several months, certainly until the end of this year and the next calendar year.”

“The fans’ disappointment is the most annoying thing. People really want this next-gen console – good consoles, our own and third-party – and they want new features. We’re working hard to bring them to market, but that will be a challenge we’re going to have for a long time to come.”

Spencer is well aware that the availability of new equipment is a problem for manufacturers, and it’s a huge problem on a global scale. In Poland, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S are regularly on sale, but they are usually a little more expensive or displayed in sets with accessories or games.


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