PS Plus with three new price variants;  Injured Polish players
March 29, 2022, 2:49 pm

Sony has announced changes to the PS Plus subscription. We’ll get three subscription options – each with a different price. The latter, which offers backward compatibility with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, may not be useful for Polish gamers.

Rumors Confirmed – Sony announce Changes to PS Plus subscription to make it compete with Microsoft’s PC / Xbox Game Pass. Reports from whistleblowers in the industry have spoken of new names: the working Spartacus Project and the allegedly apt PlayStation Infinite. In the end, Sony decided to stick with PlayStation Plus and offer three subscription levels.

The new plan will go into effect at the beginning of June 2022.

You can buy a PS Plus subscription here

Playstation plus essential

The first tier will provide exactly the same as what you get when you buy PS Plus, i.e. two games downloaded per month, special PS Store discounts, the ability to store “save” in the cloud and play online.

The price will not change either. Access to PlayStation Plus Essential for 30 days costs €8.99 / PLN 37, which is the equivalent of the current month for a PS Plus subscription.

Playstation Plus Extra

The second subscription tier will provide all the first features, Plus access to a library of around 400 of the most popular games released for PS4 and PS5. It will include titles from developers from the PlayStation Studios family and third-party companies. Most importantly, all of these products can be downloaded to disk.

With the launch of the new PS Plus subscription version, games like: death strandAnd the God of WarAnd the Spider-Man from MarvelAnd the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAnd the Mortal Kombat 11 And the back.

price? 13.99 euros, or about 65 PLN per month.

PlayStation Plus Premium

When it comes to the latest subscription option, Polish players will be in a bit of a disadvantage. It will provide everything I described above, And 340 other games – with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. The catch is that at least some of them – including all PlayStation 3 products – will be available on PS4, PS5 and PC only via streaming. In other words, Only people who live in countries where PS Now is currently available will benefit from the full offer. The Polish players are unlikely to play each other – at least not yet.

It should be noted here that the proper star does not appear in PS3 games. Most likely, this is a mistake, although there is a shadow of hope that games of the seventh generation will be available in our country.

The highest subscription version of Sony is that it costs 16.99 euros per month, or about PLN 80. Since some of its functions will not work in Poland at the moment, the above price will be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, it is worth adding that Sony plans to enable cloud gaming in countries where it is not yet available. when? Unfortunately, we don’t know. It remains to wait for the announcement of new information.


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